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 A Change of Drapery (street post fliers hanging around Eldarus)

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Myer Brynk

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PostSubject: A Change of Drapery (street post fliers hanging around Eldarus)   Mon Jul 12, 2010 7:28 am


Greetings one and all

It has come to my attention that the fine establishment, The Silk Curtain, has been remissed and lost the luster it and it's fine ladies and patrons deserve. I see it quieter and quieter every night since my return. I see a loss of interested in the ladies, and hither too, the patrons not as joyous to be in their company. This is of course not the fault of the ladies or the patrons. However I believe the wonderful Curtain of Eldarus is in need of revival. I have not seen hide or hair of the current owner and therefor have stepped up in efforts to see to the rebirth of Eldarus's only real house of pleasure. I have the capability, inginuity, and concept to turn the Curtain into the bustling and thriving establishment is should be. What i need is support of the people. Please spread the word that I, Kayle Haven, am awaiting the responce of the current owner, or the official in position to grant me ownership. If anyone can lend me a helping hand and support me in this effort, please sign this flier as I will be checking them day to day for names. You may also leave me a message at the Inn.

Thank you for your time and consideration
Kayle Haven
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Chance Winstar

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PostSubject: Re: A Change of Drapery (street post fliers hanging around Eldarus)   Mon Jul 12, 2010 12:40 pm

Walked through the streets of Eldarus enjoying the warm sunshine and fresh air. As she walked she couldn't help but notice a small gathering of people around a certain area in the market. Curious herself she walked over to investigate. She would gasp in surprise as she read the flyer, a little bit of shock creaping up on her usually carefree face to see who it was that had put it up. She soon laughed after a moment of stunned silence and stepped up to the flyer and turning to the people "Well I'll tell ya now folks, if'n this fella gets tha place, it'll never be dull" she turns and with a wave of her hand created a quill and ink and signed the parchment with her fanciful symbol with the intertwined C and W with a dagger that when through and then would smile and speak softly, so no one could here her "Welcome back" and then start off back down the street
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A Change of Drapery (street post fliers hanging around Eldarus)
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