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 Eldarus: Steampunk (A Forum Play-By-Post Adventure)

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PostSubject: Eldarus: Steampunk (A Forum Play-By-Post Adventure)   Wed Mar 23, 2011 12:33 am

So the idea came up earlier this evening regarding an alternate version of Eldarus. Although I have yet to correspond with Auryon in regards to the idea, perhaps in the future it may be a spin-off event on the chat. For the time being, this thread will be an attempt to flesh out the concept of a different version of Eldarus.

The only requirement to participate in this thread is to post a reply to your own character profile depicting an alternate Steampunk version of them.

The realm has changed. It is a time of industry and revolution within an age of science and technology. Following the greatest archaelogical find of the past century, a series of interlinked Dwarven and Gnome libraries, the age of sword and sorcery is slowly drawing to a close. Within the tomes of these libraries, knowledge and ideas beyond our wildest imagination has been brought to life, providing with it the wonders of a new age: The Industrial Age.

Initially these libraries became the subject of great controversy and a large scale inquisition deemed these works as heretical and forbidden texts. The Dwarven smiths began to withdraw from the world, aiming to die with the secrets of their great inventors from ages before. Although initially successful the inquisition ultimately proved to be a mere delay in slowing the tide of advancement. A large scale war was fought a century ago, the victors having won through means of powerful machines and the fury of gunpowder. Several kingdoms have since been replaced by bureaucratic cabinets, some driven by theocratic circles while others remained protectively watched by their ruling monarch.

Soon from the vast knowledge of these libraries there came a second event that would change the history of the realm forever. The same war machines that were used in the decisive revolution were carefully changed to provide for the good of all. Inventions such as the steam engine, mass produced coal and fuel, gas technology and airship research have since become commonplace. The demand for raw materials and production have resulted in factories run by former estate owners and enterprises. Automaton and advanced robotics have become the latest craze in the field of science. With the discovery of electricity, greater comforts have been provided to others such as the electrical lamp and a renewable form of energy. Pharmaceutical medicine has slowly replaced ancient herbalism and alchemy.

Likewise the culture itself has changed throughout the realm. The age of chivalry has led to a dynamic change in social etiquette and the seperation of the classes. Aristocracy and gentleman conduct is commonplace. Large quantities of fiber such as cloth and cotton, alongside everlasting changes to fashion and dress, have brought with it garments such as corset dresses, suits and overalls. Breweries, factories and trade exchange have allowed common and luxury goods to be provided on a regular basis. Weapons such as lever action firearms and grenades have replaced the need for crossbows and bows though the latter continues to exist. The destructive power of these weapons has led to rumors of terrifying invention such as super-bombs and armored engine-operated vehicles called 'tanks'. Giant steam-powered mechas are piloted for dangerous tasks such as tunnel mining and labor tasks while other war-like mechs have been used in armed conflicts before.

The growing abundance of technology has replaced the mysticism of magic itself. Due to the complex nature of machines and the physics and mathematics of the universe they tamper with, magic directly interferes with technology itself. Many magic users require a license to utilize their powers in public while others are looked down upon, operating in secret. Historically there, too, was another war against technology that resulted in a widespread inquisition that has since left an uneasy truce between magic and technology.

The social classes are distinguished not only by their credibility but also by race as well. Discrimination for magical creatures, especially the more savage races such as orcs and dragonoids, is commonplace. The magic inquisition has resulted in the near extinction of supernatural entities such as vampires and werewolves. Although both are still commonplace within cities and the surrounding countrysides, they are held with great suspicion. In rural areas and theocratic states, they are often hunted on sight by others though rumors exist of them operating in secret organizations and their involvement with political influence and affairs.
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Eldarus: Steampunk (A Forum Play-By-Post Adventure)
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