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 The Story of a Spider: By Slyx Bastion

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PostSubject: The Story of a Spider: By Slyx Bastion   Tue Jan 26, 2010 6:29 pm

Name: Slyx Bastion Alias: The Razor Drider
Race: Teifling
Age: 28
Height: 5'6" (short)
Weight: 179 lbs.
Weapons: Whisper: A non-magical khopesh. Carved from the bones of an ancient silver dragon. While not magical, the weapon is as strong as the best of metals and even magical steels, but light and agile.
Rumor whispers of another mysterious weapon is in his possession, but it's not visible on his person.
Job: Depends on the occasion. Primarally Bard. But a great alchemist and herbalist, as well as a well rounded creator of gnomish technology.

An Unpaved Path: In all honesty, those that are of the bardic natures will all say the same thing, "We don't really have a path." By all accounts this is true. Some say music guides us, or the thrill of following some great warrior on his 'quest' in hopes of a good story, but at the end of the day it's all in effort to make ends meat. One week you can be dining with riches, dancing with countless women, bedding with even more. Then the next you could be living off insects in desperation. Our life hangs on the sound of our strings, the words of our voice, or the sway in our dance. My story started no different... And when he found me, I was definatelly in the 'insect-ladder' point.
He said his name was Kayle Haven. A curious looking celestial to say the least. Green skinned with big white feathered wings that made ivory weap in jealousy. This perfect snow color on his head in a mohawk that he never tempted to make stand, leaving it to the side of his face.
At the time, I had no real goals in mind, no worship other than money, no real hopes of purpose. He guided me to seeing his patron 'Aaluran'. The divine goddess of Love and Lust, and it was in her that I found my purpose. I stayed with Kayle for many years, learning Aalurans ways and teachings. Until one day Kayle said I needed to learn the path that HE walked before I could move onto my own... "Seek out the Lord of the Black Waste and stay with him for 5 years"...Little did I know the polar opposite creature to welcome me...

The Ebony Sands and their Lord: Kayle was a celestial outcast. Once a great archon of the celestial army. He was actually the offspring of an affair between the God of the Sun, and Aaluran. Needless to say Kayle inheritted qualities of both his parents, and therefore never fit in with the other archons of the army. After 'tainting' the Silver Mountain with it's first concept of 'sex', Kayle was banished to the Material Plane. Thrown down, quite literally. The Sun made a mistake however, and saw that his child was to fall into the 'Black Waste'. A horrid desert of pure 'anti-existance'...not life mind you...'existance'. Even the undying dare not tread there, for it's a prison you see, but we will come back to that. The Sun wanted nothing less than the destruction of the Lord of the Black Waste. But in this rare circumstance, he communed with the being and made a deal if he would spare Kayle's life and save him from the death the lands themselves would put him through. Seeing this chance as pure 'gold', the Lord agreed. Kayle was given the magic to walk on the lands unharmed. Amon Kentimentiu is the Lords name...I must say it seldomly for he is greatly hated. The plan was to save Kayle and send him out of the waste and have his favor from a hated enemy to call upon...but Kayle asked to stay and learn some from him. Bear in mind this shows how greatly open-minded Kayle was. Amon is a very powerful lich, unfathomably old, and in many circles...considered sinisterly evil. But Kayle's true thought was actually quite practical. A being as old as Amon would be the best bet to teach him the ways of the Material Plane. I was never told why...But Amon cannot leave the black waste...but it's his prison. I stayed there for the 5 years and gained both many scars, and an unbelievable ammount of wisdom. I cannot speak of details on this matter I'm afraid.

The Loss of a Teacher: After leaving the Black Waste, I sought out Kayle to find he'd moved. I kept in search for a long time. Following his path of rumors through some two towns. Each time I got there he had just left for good. Not long ago, I heard Kayle was dead. I had a great relapse of my previous life before him. Lost in where I should go next. It wasn't long before I was thrown on to 'my own path' as he put it...

Two sides to Aaluran: While with Kayle, I always saw the soft, lovely, passionate side of her ways. The acts of love in all their forms. But while passing through a small village I saw another side, a side that would slap my mind out of the sunlight. A scream had caught my ear out of a nearby hut. Kicking the door in I witnessed a demon raping a young woman. The woman was already barely alive...deep gouges from the demons claws in it's glee of seeing the blood. A monsterous creature that did NOT fit in this poor young girl, but he was MADE to and the tear in the girls groin dripped blood by the pints. It was only a moment I saw this before the demon vanished and the small girl thudded to the floor dead. I stayed in shock long enough for the horns of the gaurd to break me to reality. Being in the wrong place at the wrong time is never accepted in this scene, so I fled.

So there you have it. Granted yes I think you'd enjoy the story more were it enlongated. But it's late I'm afraid...[b]
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The Story of a Spider: By Slyx Bastion
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