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 The story of Coyote and the Sky

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Clopin DesCormiers

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PostSubject: The story of Coyote and the Sky   Fri Jun 25, 2010 11:46 am

Have you ever wondered how the stars came too be? What of the sun, and the moon? Did you know that the sky was once as black as the hide of a dragon? It's true I say! As true as the chip in my tooth! Our sky was a black as your eyes when you close your lids for the night, drifting off to that wonderful land of dreams. But look at it now, I say! Filled to the brim with lights! Lights that dance to an eternal song of glory! Father Sun, who watches over us during the day, and Mother Moon, who lulls us to our dreams!

When humans first came to be, the great animal spirits of the forest each had a job too do, and it was theirs alone. One particular spirit, Coyote, was a cunning, crafty trickster, who loved to play jokes on the other animal spirits. Why, It was he who brought the law of permanent death upon humans, just because he had to argue with wolf! But that is another story. . .

Owl was busy with his own task, placing the stars in the sky one by one. Wolf and bear had been watching over him, but they had long since fallen asleep to the darkness of the night sky. Coyote had finished his task for the day, and was sneaking up behind Owl. All of a sudden, Coyote jumped onto Owl's head and started laughing.

"Why, My friend! Look at this boring job they have given you! Quick quick, give me the stars and I will finish your job for you!"

Owl was very tired from his long task and wished for nothing more than a few hours rest. He gave the bag to Coyote, and laid down upon the grass to sleep. Coyote, overjoyed with himself, began to place the stars in complex patterns and shapes, forming pictures in the sky of the great spirits and the tales of them all. But Coyote was far too mischievous to be lulled by such a task, and simply threw the remainder of the stars into the sky randomly.

When the other great spirits awoke and saw what Coyote had done, they began to laugh and laugh. Coyote, enraged by this, demanded an explanation for their laughter, hurt by the cries of his friends. It was wolf who spoke first, through the grin of his snout.

"Coyote, what you have done is amazing, but look you poor fool! In your haste you forgot to put yourself in the sky!"

As Wolf doubled over in laughter, Coyote looked into the sky to see that he had indeed forgotten his own picture in the sky. Depressed by this, Coyote began to howl at the night sky in mourning, ever mourning his own foolishness.
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The story of Coyote and the Sky
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