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 A forgotten story..

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PostSubject: A forgotten story..   Mon Mar 22, 2010 9:53 pm

Ages ago the delta north of Eldarus was a thriving town. The local people worshiped one of the ancient gods who had provided them with an incredible source of magical power that was the key to the town’s prosperity. Since anyone could remember there had always been a group of five mages that were labeled as the protectors of this source of magical power. Each mage was said to have an amazing amount of talent with one of the base elements of magic: water, fire, air, earth, and lightning. Some said that they were immortal; others said that the source of power only slowed their aging. They used it selflessly, serving the needs of the town to help make life easier for the people. It wasn’t long before word of this power spread to the farthest reaches of the lands, stirring feelings of jealousy and fear among the more powerful kingdoms. Soon the first attacks upon the town were launched, the target of course being the source of power there. The group of mages worked together, fending off attack after attack upon the town. Despite their best efforts there were casualties, and bit by bit people began to leave the town as the frequency of these attacks increased. Eventually the mages were the only ones left, but they continued their duty as protectors of this magical source of power. They soon saw the futility of what they were doing, however, and realized that the only solution was to seal away the power with a single, powerful spell. This spell was successful, and as an added protection they cast another to hide the location of the monastery that they had called home, covering the islands in a near permanent fog that would make it impossible to find for those seeking it out with ill intent. With this last effort the mages went their separate ways, traveling far and wide to quell any rumors that still went on about the source of power. Over time the source of power became a legend, then a myth...And eventually it had been forgotten by all but the oldest of scholars. As to what became of the mages themselves, well...None are alive today, but there are rumors that their bloodlines survive to this day.

The following is a more detailed account of what happened, as told by those that lived it..

(Leaving this open for now..Those who are interested in participating get up with me on the chat.)
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A forgotten story..
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