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 Resisting Arrest

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PostSubject: Resisting Arrest   Wed Jan 16, 2013 1:19 am

Getting Arrested/Resisting Arrest:

Now not every character is going to go peacefully. Players do have the freedom to play a character that would resist arrest, fight off a guard, run away, etc. and such RPs can be a lot of fun. On the other hand, what fun is there in playing a guard who never gets to arrest someone? So for fairness purposes, the following rules outline how to handle being arrested or resisting arrest.

In most cases, if a guard undertakes to arrest your character, you’re getting arrested. That’s just how it’s got to be to balance the fact that this is a fantasy game with no real consequences. You don’t run when a real cop pulls you over because there are real consequences. Sorry if that irks anyone, but it’s for functionality and overall fairness.

In the event that you want to resist arrest, special rules will apply. Fighting a guard has its risks. Resisting arrest and assaulting a guard charges will be added to your other charges if you are beaten and arrested. If you win and escape, a warrant will be issued for the crimes you ducked out on, including the resist and assault charges. You don’t get off the hook just because you put Shizu in a hurt locker or left Vince bloodied up and tied to a tree in his underwear.

When fighting a guard it is to be assumed that they have had special training to go with their position and are certainly ABLE to defeat any other character. No one is immune. If a suitable end to the fight cannot be reached, either the random roll tool will be used -or- the RP will be put on hold, the fight logged and reviewed by an Admin, and the Admin will make the final decision. That decision will be final.

Running away is not accomplished by simply logging out or running to the OOC room. Certain requirements must be met to run away. “/a runs out the door into the night.” Logout. : doesn’t cut it. The escape must take at least two adjacent rooms from the point of origin (Use the map; it’s why we have one.). A minimum of two posts must be made by the runner in each room. The pursuing Guard/Ranger is entitled to their last post in that round. If the runner can make it to the third room they can then post an escape. By hiding, the runner can use just one of the rooms to escape (A post to hide and two posts of remaining hidden will constitute an escape.). These exchanges can be longer, but these are minimums to give everyone a chance.

Failure to meet the requirements of these special types of RP and logging out will mean the assumption that your character was captured and arrested.

In a case where the arrest is made, confirmation will be made in IM between the Guard/Ranger and the culprit. The arrested individual will be taken to the Guard House/Ranger Station as applies. While in custody, that character cannot be brought into play in any room but where they are being held. If you’re in jail, you’re in jail. Hang in the OOC all you like. I’m not going to require players to spend any minimum of time RPing sitting in a cell. That’s asinine. For my part I am working to be around more and to make the trial process go more quickly. I’m also working to make alternatives for when I can’t be around.

These are fairly generic outlines and individual RPs may present any number of possibilities. In the end, as long as all parties involved are in agreement on the resolution and it doesn’t violate any of the firm rules of the site, feel free to explore such possibilities.

Very Important: Jailbreaks and Prison Escapes are only allowed with Admin approval. No exceptions.

I’ve done my best to make these rules fair. Rather than just forbidding behaviors, I’ve tried to set requirements to accomplish them that ensure both sides have a fair chance. I’ve also tried to leave them open and vague in certain aspects to allow freedom in everyone’s RP. The functionality of these rules will be watched by the Admins and we may adjust them where we see problems.
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Resisting Arrest
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