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 Trouble returns..

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PostSubject: Trouble returns..   Thu Nov 03, 2011 12:01 pm

She drew a deep breath, standing at the edge of the forest, looking towards town. There was no explanation as to why she had left when she did.. No reason behind it.. Whenever she had been asked, her response was always, the wind said it was time for change.. Where had she been since then? Oh.. All over... She couldn't stay in one place for long and yet through the twisting roads, she was somehow led back here.. perhaps to check on her young and Shizu? She had missed them..and the others she had befriended in her time here. Maybe that was why she returned.. Either way it stood to say she was back and had no plans to leave again soon, unless of course Shizukesa of the Guard said otherwise..

With a shake of her head she darted towards the gates of the city, waving to one of the guards before slipping in. If they recognized her, nothing was said. Quickly she made her way towards Ellingtons stop, hoping it was still intact.. She needed a drink before daring to go to the guard house and find her old mate.
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Trouble returns..
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