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 The Angel of Lust returns

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PostSubject: The Angel of Lust returns   Sun Jul 11, 2010 9:19 am


Again the unorthodox celestial finds himself down to the Material Plane. Born of the desires and love of the countless races, there is no really being rid of him. Aaluran has taken great graces upon the green skinned Cherub to allow him port to the lower plane again. And now his silver orbs under that long white lazy mohawk of white hair, has set their sight on something greater than peddling his unique items across the city. His sights now are set to the Silk Curtain. This is out of no dislike or ill will towards the current owner. But the establishment has much more potential than what it's brought. And who better to bring it out than the great Cherub of Eldarus himself?

Kayle's image hasn't changed much. Born of his celestial background his physical appearance is as beautiful as all the legends of his kin. But most Cherubs have a code to shave their heads, Kayle did not. He kept one mohawk of his snow white hair, and let it grow and fall to one side of his face. Now, in his time away, it's grown more and hangs down just past his shoulders. Although never truely blind, Kayle lived as though sightless. Not because of some show of expertise or arrogance...but for the protection of those around him. Aaluran's Cherubs all have what they call 'The Eyes of Aaluran' which to look into causes a harmless, but hindering effect of ecstacy to the onlooker. Young Cherubs don't learn the ability to refrain this power until later. Kayle's time away has granted him the time to master this ability finally, now looking upon the world once again with his eyes. But make no mistake, with the ability to repress this ability, comes it's a massive intensity that exceeds even that of what it once was. Most of those who are 'damned' with this glance never have a fulfilling love life again. This is not because of unsatisfactory lovers, but because there is nothing that can compete with the pleasure granted from this source. Hither too the glance is very feared, and for those who've experienced it, yearned for...for its the only way they get to that level of pleasure again. Still clad in his white robes of fine embroideries, Kayle has held true to the image those who knew him well would remember.

As many know, Kayle was never fond of fighting. Many have brought down words of questioning his ability to fight. Kayle never harbored ill will or need to counter said concepts. Kayle was never without skill in war. The very purpose of the Angels' existance was to battle the greater warriors of the infinite circles of the Abyss. Kayle still carries the trumpet that is part of his creation. Long and silver with unbelievable masterwork engravings and pictorals over it's silver form, this beautiful instrument can have many effects when played properly. But the most well known of this instrument is it's ability to morph into a greatsword instantly at the will of Kayle. And of course the most well-known instrument of the Cherubs, the bow and legendary arrows. The bow itself is nothing to special, slightly magical and carved of the bones of the celestial dragons. Even the arrows in his quiver are not something miraculous, it's when he fires them. The arrows are harmelss when this ability is used as far as taking physical damage from the arrow-head. For the arrow turns into a ray of light that causes no harm when striking a target. But each arrow fired in this manner instills an undeniable hight of emotion...the most well known of which is 'love'. But just as well known is 'lust'. At the hands of Cherubs, wars have broken out, queens have commited great adultries and blasphemies, many mixed-blood species have come to exist. But the arrows can indeen cause just about any peak emotion the Cherub wills ranging from pure happiness to complete rage.

Kayle was never without magical ability, most of which set for defence or assitance more than attack. But still there are magics he knows that have yet to be revealed. Taught by the sinister Lich, Amon Kentimentiu, for a time...He's not with out his ability to call on forces foreign to his kin.

Dispite all this, Kayle remains himself. Oddly cheerful and calm even at inappropriate times. He does not do this mockingly, but because it's in his nature. As a Cherub he sees further down the road than most and often seems more optimistic than any can believe. He still has that quirky smirk all the time and still loves crowds.

And so returns Eldarus's own Angel of Lust.
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The Angel of Lust returns
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