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 Army of Shadows - Modern RP - Setting

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Gabriel Faith


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PostSubject: Army of Shadows - Modern RP - Setting   Wed Sep 07, 2011 11:10 pm

Please note that the following is designed specifically for an exclusive RP setting.


It is the dawn of the 21st century. The world we live in is vastly different than the one we are familiar to. Magic exists along with creatures of both myth and fantasy, which are commonplace in everyday life. Elves dominate the entertainment industry with their innovative glamor and fashion. Subway and transit systems have specially developed box cars for trolls and larger species. Magic is prohibited in industrial and factory areas, and certain buildings are lead lined with magic restricting materials. Technology is advanced in this age, where Artificial Intelligence programs live in data streams and network channels.

However, behind this awe-inspiring future lies a grim vision evident throughout. The Vatican has declared the existence of magic and supernatural creatures to be heretical products, much to the opposition of rights activists. Racism and bigotry are present especially in developing countries such as Africa and the Middle East. In Europe, particularly Russia, human supremacists plague the lives of other races such as the Drow. Paris is regarded as home to an entire cell network of vampires and lycanthropes. The United Nations has an unsteady role in maintaining the peace between the surface and underdark. Conspiracies exist within the nation states, and corporations are funded by government credit to monitor the demograph of earth's inhabitants. Private military companies specializing in magic participate in wars, acting as proxies in modern day conflicts.

Amidst these turbulent times, powerful corporations operate hidden teams of special ops, engaging in brutal espionage and takeover conflicts. The international conglomerate, Faith Industries, is widely known in its role in financial developments in North American and European investments. Their programs include divisions focused on technology and science advancements, business improvements and social benefits, and most recently politics. Behind its image, however, is a darker truth: It is amongst one of the most feared and involved shadow operatives in the world. Their teams have included some of the most legendary and infamous entities known to the general public, such as terrorists and revolutionaries, former government operatives and arcane mystics the likes never seen before.

It is through the eyes of these reluctant individuals that ultimately influence and shape the fate of the world. These people are known simply as an Army of Shadows, their existence kept secret and ultimately unknown to the rest of the earth.

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Army of Shadows - Modern RP - Setting
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