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 Walk in light, hide in shadows

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Mika Ravencross


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Character Name:: Mika Ravencross
Race: Vampire (Most of the time)
Alignment: Neutral

PostSubject: Walk in light, hide in shadows   Wed Dec 16, 2009 6:06 pm

::So you're telling me that with this cloak, you'll be able to move around where ever you please? You're a genius! I thought you gave the last one to that Auryon woman, though?::

"No. . . Her's was simply a test model. Once it was tested by her I made a few adjustments and created more. There's enough for the entire town guard, though I doubt they'd accept them now. . ."

A teenage boy walked down the streets leading towards the guard house, cloaked in a strange brown fabric that flowed behind him slightly. A large naganata was strapped to his back on the outside of the brown cloak, keeping it somewhat in place. He carried a large parcel by his side, the item wrapped tight in white wrappings. He seemed to talk to himself as he strolled down the path.

"With this. . . And the spells cast upon the forge. . . We'll never be caught. Or, it'll make it atleast a little ahrder for them. . ."

::That was rather impressive though. . . A dimmensional seperation spell cast with a cloaking spell. . . So even if one were to walk towards the forge, they'd just pass through everything because it's in a seperate dimension, correct?::

"Exactly. . . Now would you please shut up? I don't want people to overhear. . . Ah, finally. . ."

He leans the parcel against the door of the guard house, attatching a note on it.

The note read

With love, Mika
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Character Name:: Rynn Arokh
Race: Half Human/Half Vampire
Alignment: Lawful Good

PostSubject: Re: Walk in light, hide in shadows   Wed Dec 16, 2009 8:36 pm

Her patrol finished for the day, Rynn headed back to the Inn, and her room. Once in the hallway outside her room though, she hesitated. She couldn't say why exactly but something felt off. Looking each way down the hallway to make sure no one else was around, she knelt in front of her door, her fingers feeling for the thin string she had placed as a trip wire, to warn her if anyone had been in the room while she was gone. It was out of its place, and she stood wearily, unlocking the door and stepping inside, a dagger in hand in case anyone lay in wait inside her room.
Though it was dark, she couldn't see anyone. Taking a step inside, she heard something crinkle under her boot. Looking down, she saw a folded piece of parchment, the seal a symbol she vaguely recognized. Bending down, she picked up the parchment and broke the seal, reading the short message inscribed within. Its been delivered
She frowned, wondering what was meant by that. Looking around the room to make sure that nobody had actually been inside, she closed the door and locked it firmly behind her, replacing the trip wire before heading down the hall and out the Inn, heading towards the Guardhouse. Approaching, she saw the parcel that had been placed against the door, and squatted down next to it. It was a fairly large parcel, and opening it, she saw the sword and shield she'd commissioned from Mika several weeks ago. though after his involvement in the breakout of Aury she had been sure she wouldn't receive it. Though apparently where ever the vampire had hidden himself and his entire shop, he hadn't heard that she was not part of the Guards anymore.
Replacing the buckler and sword back in the parcel, she put it under her arm and carried it off back to the Inn to further inspect them.
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Walk in light, hide in shadows
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