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 Playing with Fire: Ayanna

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PostSubject: Playing with Fire: Ayanna   Mon Apr 04, 2011 6:30 pm

Name: Ayanna

Race: Human

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Height: 5’5”

Weight: 124

Hair: Dark Brown

Eyes: Dark Brown

Weapons: None

Special abilities:
Ayanna has the ability to call fire into her hands and manipulate it any way she wants. The draw back to this, however, is that she is still young and doesn’t have full control over this in times of high emotional stress. She also has a strong aptitude for music, able to pick up an instrument and almost instinctually know how to play it. That isn’t to say she doesn’t require practice and lessons to begin with, but once she has the instrument figured out nothing can keep her from playing.

Ayanna is very sweet natured and kind, definitely not a fighter. She does not like to be the cause of problems and will often try to remove herself if she feels that is what she has become. She is compassionate and kind, preferring a non-violent way to resolve issues, even though she does understand that sometimes violence is the only option.

She has been known to be extremely stubborn when the occasion calls for it. She has a fiery heart and will fight for what she believes in and is willing to sacrifice herself if it is the only way to see no one else hurt. She is a free spirit and when she decides she wants something almost nothing can stop her. She is non-judgmental, preferring to base her opinions of people on their actions and deeds, not who or what they are.

Ayanna grew up happy as the youngest daughter of a large family in a small village. She had four older brothers and two sisters. Little significance happened during her early years, as her siblings grew older they married, had families of their own. Since she was the youngest she often found herself over protected, the girl grew up innocent and naïve. Her father put a flute in her hand when she was five and she developed a strong connection to music. She loved to play, dance, and sing, and would do so at any provided opportunity.

Shortly after she turned sixteen she passed out in the middle of a field, setting the whole place ablaze. When the fire was put out, thankfully without too much damage done, the girl was found in the middle of the field, completely unharmed by the flames. At first they didn’t know what to do with her, but her oldest brother had become a mage. After he heard what happened he came home and began to teach his baby sister control over her new ability. Under her brother’s instruction she learned to control the fire, call it at will and manipulate it.

There has only been one exception to her control.

Two weeks before she arrived in the city of Eldarus her family home was attacked. Ayanna was forced to watch as her family was killed in front of her eyes. The raiders left the young woman alive as a toy, after they were finished making the ground bleed. Her family’s home was in flames, only one of the raiders got to have their fun with the girl before fire consumed all of them. The fire spread too quickly for her to keep control. Completely lost in her grief and the trauma of violence her entire village burned to the ground.

She ran. It wasn’t long after the incident that she was hunted down by the gargoyle Loquax who came after her with a religious frenzy, viewing her manipulation of fire as a sin that needed to be cleansed of the world. He attacked, though to this day she could not say how she managed to escape. When she arrived in the city she had no memory of who she was, whatsoever. She couldn’t remember anything before she set foot in the theater the first night of her arrival. You would be surprised the kind of trouble not having a memory of anything could get you into. At the rate she was headed she was going to end up a toy, a snack, or dead.

Loquax caught up with her first. Her first encounter with him she managed to get away, though others were hurt and a woman died in the fight while she escaped. The second time she went with him willingly, hoping to avoid anyone else getting hurt. She was not anticipating those who followed and got her away before she was killed.

She now remembers everything. It is entirely possible that two of her brothers and maybe a sister managed to escape the attack and flames. The one who taught her to control the fires was away on a business trip and her third oldest brother became a mercenary. She knows most of her family is dead and is unaware if those siblings survived or not.
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Playing with Fire: Ayanna
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