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 High Orc- (caution, DANGER)

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PostSubject: High Orc- (caution, DANGER)   Thu Dec 16, 2010 8:24 pm

The menace to society and perpetual foil of punishment in the city of Eldarus Bloodmonath Skullcleaver by name though he commonly is called High Orc, has had a warrant for his capture placed by his Lordship Regent Jaxon A'rone. Whomever find their soul brave enough and their might vast enough to subdue this creature and bring him before the Regent will be awarded his choice of reward, citizens are cautioned that the orc is exceddingly dangerous, it is known that he has something about his person that nullifies magic, so those not hearty in the art of the sword should beware approacching him. Hasten all pure citizens to help the Guard and Rangers, as wll as the Regent's knights themselves to apprehend Bloodmonath as swiftly as possible, fi you are not stout enough to undertake this quest yourself, please report any sightings to the Guards or Rangers so that the law enforcement of the town may take appropriate actions.
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High Orc- (caution, DANGER)
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