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 In Need of Another

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PostSubject: In Need of Another   Wed Oct 07, 2009 5:31 am

What mighty wonder wallows
Willing great acts
of woeful wanting?

She stares at the bread he stole
Hiding beneath
what others threw away
Rain and grime
Dripping upon the pools
Of shadows
Hugging the deep
dark was the night

He slipped from the roof
Landing lightly before where she hid
With a wink and a laugh
Garrulous grin
Speaking through the silence therein
Broke the silence within
The dark and lonely alley

“Hah, ‘ello luv
m’name is Connor O’Mally.”

She shrank back into her darkness
Cringing at the lilting song
That crept across his tongue

“Care fer a bit o’grub?”

She reached for the offered bread
As voices shouted
Promising to take him dead
He was gone
The bread in her hand

As steel rasped eerily against treated leather
Little girl huddled in her darkness
Eyes closed
Remembering running the wild paths
Collecting blue bells and heather

Shouts surrounded her
Boots nearly stomping atop her hiding place
As the guards fought him
Howling in anger at the taunting smile
And merry face
And then they were gone

Bread in hand she followed
As they took him away
Blood leaving a sure trail across cobbled stone

It was nearly morn when she found his cell
Rats crawling in and out of his window at the bottom of the wall
He awoke
Face swoll
Eyes nearly shut
As a little girl slipped him a file
Still nibbling on her piece of bread
Muck darkened mug alight with a smile

He asked her why as he worked at cutting through the bars
She took another nibble
And smiled
Leaning close to whisper

“Need you.”
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PostSubject: Good stooooory   Thu Oct 08, 2009 4:35 pm

I wonder what he did to get put away. Seems like a nice enough guy. Hah. = D
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In Need of Another
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