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 A little about the Land & Map...

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PostSubject: A little about the Land & Map...   Thu Jul 09, 2009 11:36 pm

The surrounding area of Eldarus is quite vast. The forest is thick, with trees growing the size of 10 men or more, with many paths running through, that suddenly end, as if at first many men walked through, and slowly dwindled in numbers. Some get sick and die, some get lost, and many loose their minds. The trees only begin to thin as you head upwards, to the never ending heights that are the mountains. Trees eventually give way to sharp rock and vertical cliffs. As you climb, higher and higher, as the ground gets smaller and smaller, it gets colder and the air gets thinner. Only through navigating 360 degrees around the never ending mountains would you find valleys, areas large enough to settle a small encampment of men. The wind whips around through these valleys, so it is dangerous to stay too long. If you decide to hike along the mountains, as opposed to upwards, you will reach a neverending sea. A rough, unforgiving sea. The mountains end suddenly, jutting over dark and gloomy waters lapping hard against the rock, miles below. As your eyes run along the land, you see a large bay, big enough to house 10 militia ships or more. Your mind begins to imagine the possibilities of this vast land. You try to look further but you can see there is no settlement here. How could there have been? You hardly made it..

The opposite side of the ring of mountains that surround Eldarus, the mountains begin to lower. As you hike down a gradual incline, you notice that the mountains look more like they have crumbled. As you look out as far as the eye can see is crumbled rock, mountain peaks and hills. A river runs between all the rubble and stones, splitting into a lightening streak of rivers, brooks and streams. Islands litter the outer rim of the land that cuts through the sea, creating an inlet, also ripped up by boulders and rubble. What could have created this? Is this the work of a volcano? An Earth Quake? Is this area prone to natural disasters? It looks like a safe haven, an eden. Or was it something bigger?

The only path to the vast land that is Eldarus is over the mountains, by rough sea, or through the forest to the 3 mile long opening between the mountains. The area is void of all life, no animals, the trees are dead, almost burnt. light manages to flicker through the thick criss-cross of bare, dying tree limbs above you. Then suddenly, theres nothing. Between where the mountain lies is a stretch of dry, empty land of death. What lies across the void acre? Dare you cross it? Or should you risk climbing the surrounding peaks? Or would you take on the risk of ending up in Davey Jones' Locket?

The Choice is Yours...

(feel free to post edits & changes)
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A little about the Land & Map...
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