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 Admin poll

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Who will be the next Admin?
 55% [ 6 ]
 45% [ 5 ]
 0% [ 0 ]
Total Votes : 11



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PostSubject: Admin poll   Wed Mar 26, 2014 1:35 pm

An issue was raised on the Eldarus Facebook page a week ago, about the need for a new Admin, since the ones we have are unable to be on as much as needed. We need someone new in the higher ranks, someone who can give event ideas the go ahead, create new characters, and settle law matters in a timely manner, instead of days or weeks passing by. This is not an attempt to undermine nor replace Auryon or Trega, merely a desire to lend them a helping hand, as they are no longer, due to real life issues, able to be on as much as they used to be. A poll was suggested in electing a new Admin, and three people have stepped forward to help our current beloved Admins – Hana, Myer, and myself.

I believe  that you know most of us well enough, but each candidate should submit a paragraph stating why they wish to be admin, and what they can bring to the community at large.

I wish to be admin because I have been with this group since the first day of Eldarus, and knew many of you from Toria. It has been nearly six years since Eldarus has opened it doors for us, and we have had many adventures together, both In Character and Out, and have come to love each and every one of you in your own way. It saddens me greatly to see that we have lost so many of our numbers, and I wish to try to regain at least a shadow of our glory days. If chosen to be Admin, I would listen to ideas from everyone, ideas on how to better the site, for events large and small, to bring more people to the city. A site like this cannot be run by just a few people – it must be run together. I would hear all ideas, and try to make them happen as best as humanly possible.

As you all know, I am on most every night for at least a few hours, and can always be reached by email or text. Eldarus has been a big part of my life, and I do not wish to see it fail, and breath new life into our rps. I have the time, the desire to do everything possible to bring new and old friends alike to the city, bring new rps and events.

(note: the poll will be added after all candidates have had their say, to be fair)

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Hana Tachiban


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PostSubject: Re: Admin poll   Thu Mar 27, 2014 2:41 pm

My first night in Eldarus was February 26, 2011. That night, you all welcomed me in as your newest newbie - I came from RavenBlack, a wretch of a roleplaying website, where nobody was friendly or helpful, to a place I immediately fell in love with. You all are some of the best, most fun people I know, and it has been my honor to make awesome things happen with you.

That being said, I volunteer happily to be admin. I wish not to undermine or replace Aury and Trega. Merely, I wish to join them and be as helpful as possible. I am always able to be reached, be it through instant messenger or text message, if I am not present. I want to offer myself to be helpful at any hour of the day or night, for what ever issues I may be needed for. I am incredibly attached to Eldarus and its people. I want to help it thrive again, to make it a place people flock to again. I see tournaments, long-term plots, site-wide events, and I get excited for a re-energized website.

I believe that good candidates of an admin, as with any leadership role, is an ability to lead a team - not as an overseer or boss - but as a helping hand able to sort out disputes and lend advice or just be an ear to listen when necessary. I think a good admin should be able to keep a clear, calm head when tensions arise, as conflict will inevitably rise once in a while. A good admin remains unbiased and volunteers themselves not for their own benefit, but for the benefit of the people on Eldarus. Though it may sound lofty and arrogant, I believe that I possess these qualities, and should I be given a chance to prove myself, I will work my damned hardest to fill these big shoes.
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Myer Brynk

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PostSubject: For your consideration   Mon Mar 31, 2014 12:12 pm

I've been trying to step into a role of more responsibility here since I came over with all the others from Toria. I enjoy responsibility and take it very seriously. This sense of drive has led me to a job that I love that keeps me challenged. This of course is the main drive I have had to step into this role for the site and all who RP here, always looking to improve and grow. Eldarus has great leadership who happens to have bigger things that demand their attention. We are all subject to this as we know, even I have had spouts of being absent for long periods due to real life. However, I'm stepping into a position where I can devote the time I once had again. Now with the option of a growth in leadership I'm eager to step into the role again. I won't sit and say I will be on every night, won't say I'll be available to answer questions at all times or sign in to resolve things. But I will give what I can, when I can in attempt to rekindle the awesomeness this site once had and is very capable of.

Admins need a great many qualities. Most are well known such as leadership and a background for unbiased view on conflicts. I have done admin positions before and have done quite well. Stepping out of the role of course due to life happenings or sites going down and all the other reasons you can think of. But while I can say I have all of these traits, I find one of the biggest things that makes a good admin is being a story-maker. RP has been in my life since I was 11 and I delight in making stories. Of course many people know me here as the guy that makes those lil pricks that everyone LOVES to hate. I make antagonists because of the same reason I want to be an admin and make events and stories, because I'm not out to be the hero of a tale, I'm out to make heroes and tales for others. This role is what I adore about that level of responsibility. As we all know, it's the stories of our RPs that we talk about around our friends and fellow nerds. These stories are why we are here. I've done my best to stir the pot from the floor, making several baddies that have left marks and scars and even confused the hell out of the players, but that is the place of an antagonist after all. I've wanted the place forever where I can make the stories larger, more elaborate, and more fun.

In closing I would say thank you for the possible opportunity and chance to make stories and help every one of the great people here to make memories and a loved place for all of us to come and partake of great company and fun.
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PostSubject: Re: Admin poll   

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Admin poll
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