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 Tavern Talk

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PostSubject: Tavern Talk   Tue Oct 08, 2013 1:00 pm

Well after dark, the whispers of work could be heard in the Wyvern.. Someone put out the word they're looking for help. Skilled hunters with a level head. Magic users that aren't afraid to get bloody. The bounty is high and the prey is dangerous. A suicide mission, some say. Others claim it would be an adventure..
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PostSubject: All is fair in war   Mon Oct 28, 2013 3:55 pm

Oh he'd heard the whispers and the rumors; hell a rather pesky shadow even showed up on his doorstep one night with said whispers spilling from his lips for but a few golden coins and a couple gems. One would have sworn that had an entire chest been given the secretes of the kingdom may have been laid out before him. This wasn't the concern however and since a certain somebody wanted to play games, well so be it, he could play games too.

The night had fallen, and much of the city was at rest; the perfect time for a little trip to the guardhouse. Dragging along his mouthy, stubborn lesser half, since she was involved in this now; they made there way into the guardhouse only to be met by a very kind guard who was playing a melody upon a lute before they showed up at his desk. The entire report took less than an hour but when it was done, thanks to a mere coincidental meeting between two of the parties previous the report was filed with the guards citing the apparent assault and threats that had obviously been carried out.

He smiled the entire way home from this incident for if he could make that despicable little gecko's life miserable even for a few days with the guards hounding down upon her then all the better.
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Tavern Talk
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