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 The Morning Paper

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Hana Tachiban


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PostSubject: The Morning Paper   Wed Sep 04, 2013 1:11 pm

Hana had finally cleared her desk.  It had taken days of shuffling papers, putting books back on the shelf, and finalizing numerous reports before she found it: the Eldarus Herald.  Somehow, she thought to herself, she'd missed this most recent issue.  

Casually depositing herself into her seat, the Captain kicked back and unrolled the paper.  

What she read infuriated her.  

"Sleeping at her desk?!" she exclaimed aloud, white-knuckling the paper.  Indulge was long gone, she thought to herself, much thanks to his botched job at taking the City.  
The bit about Rynn canoodling with Azendal didn't surprise her: somehow, the whole town knew at once who was sleeping with who.  It just so happened that Rynn had a growing nine months of proof under her cloak.
"Fugitives skip town!"  She was thinking aloud now, which came as no concern to one Henry Stammers, who'd been walking the halls for some time.  "Am I to walk across the known world to track some lowlife down?"  
Hana crumpled the paper and cast it aside.  
"I bet if the fugitive had blonde curls and big tits, this damned town would be far more lax about its criminals."  

It wasn't until she was fuming that she noticed the next announcement on her desk.  
"Our Lordship," she began with a flourish of her hand, "is presenting Eldarus' Centennial Celebration."

Everyone would be there.
"Everyone," Hana mused in dark tones.
She looked up at the honorary sword hanging above her door, the one collecting dust.  What a fitting end for someone so regal and useless to die by a sword just the same.
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The Morning Paper
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