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 Does the Punishment Fit the Crime

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PostSubject: Does the Punishment Fit the Crime   Sat Sep 19, 2009 3:47 am

First let me state that this is and I am 110% OOCly curious as to what everybody thinks the "official" Punishment should be for somebody found Guilty AND convicted of Arson. I pick Arson only because it just happened and its the easiest one at the moment.

My belief is that Arson alone I dont' think would warrant execution, but it would warrant in my opinion something like a good Flogging say 50 lashes or something like that. Now if somebody got severly hurt or killed in this Arson then I say yes let the bastard swing!

Speak up People I wanna hear

Just for the record NOBODY has stated that THIS or THAT is going to be teh punishment. It is all just personal Opinions
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Does the Punishment Fit the Crime
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