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 Wanted List for the Month of March

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Mika Ravencross


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PostSubject: Wanted List for the Month of March   Mon Feb 25, 2013 3:07 pm

The following Citizens hold a warrant for their arrest (Note that these rp's will start on March 1st, not before)

Odis Clatterborn
-Wanted for the rape of his daughter, Amelia Clatterborn, and the assault of his wife Henrieta Clatterborn. Citizen was last seen at Ellington's Last Stop.
-Low Priority Arrest, worth thirty-five gold pieces, or 4 points.

Jackson Fredrick Raust
-Wanted for property damage in the Market Place. Citizen was last seen at The Silver Forest
-Low Priority Arrest, worth ten gold pieces, or 2 points.

Dianna Redhaught
-Wanted for assault on the Serving Wenches in the White Wyvern Inn, and destruction of public property. Subject is considered armed and dangerous (She was wielding a dagger when she left). Citizen was last seen at The Proving Grounds
-Medium Priority Arrest, considered a public danger worth 50 gold pieces, or 6 points.

Xander Syst
-Wanted for the murder of six citizens, all of them women of child bearing age. Where abouts unknown. Subject is considered armed and dangers (Suspected of using dark magic)
-High Priority. DO NOT APPROACH WITHOUT BACKUP! Worth is 150 gold pieces (Or 16 points)
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Wanted List for the Month of March
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