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 Aid for citizens

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Jaxon a'Rone

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PostSubject: Aid for citizens   Thu Feb 21, 2013 9:56 pm

A young man, one might recognize him as a paige from the Ivory Hall, rode into town on the back of a small, shaggy horse. He wore tall, shiny boots and a heavy overcoat. He dismounted as he approached the bulletin board. He was a little older now and it seemed his service to the Regent was going well. After reorganizing a few of the notices on the board, he reached into his coat and pulled out a rolled up paper. He unrolled and posted this in the dead center of the board. He sighed with a somber look. Having finished his important errand, he mounted his horse and headed back to the Ivory Hall. The message read as follows:


In the wake of the attack by the criminal, Indulge, the grand ballroom of the Ivory Hall and one of the barracks of the Knights of the Crystal Spire have been converted into a temporary dormitory to house citizens who lost their homes in the destruction. Those whose homes have been destroyed or rendered uninhabitable may take refuge at the Ivory Hall while repairs are made. Please understand that the first priority will be the rebuilding of the city walls to protect all of our citizens, but along with that will come the reconstruction of as many ruined homes as possible. The Regent personally asks for any and all able bodied citizens to aid in the reconstruction efforts to provide much needed manpower. Those who volunteer will have top priority when homes are rebuilt.
We will not cower before such criminals. We will not allow them to break our spirit. We will rebuild, we will capture the criminals, and we will persevere. Long live Eldarus!

--His Lordship, Sir Jaxon a'Rone, Knight Marshall of the Order of the Crystal Spire, His Majesty's Envoy, Regent of Eldarus
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Aid for citizens
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