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 Ranger Roster

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PostSubject: Ranger Roster   Mon Feb 04, 2013 10:15 pm

Captain: Rynn Arokh
Lieutenant : Ga
Sargent: Raelith
Patrolman/Scout: Myer Brinks

NPCs and description for use:

Lynx : The oldest mortal of all the Rangers, no one knows what his true name is, having gone by the handle Lynx for so long even he has a hard time recalling. He seems to be around sixty years of age, with salt and pepper hair and a thick beard. He normally is seen wearing old, patched buckskins, his favored weapons two hefty ax's.

Ena - A woman in her mid thirties, Ena is small and petite, with a girlish figure, and a no nonsense attitude. She doesn't speak much, but listens a lot, and is a master marksman with a long bow. Before joining the Ranger's service over a year ago, she'd studied medicine, and knows her way around herbs, and can perform minor surgeries if needed. Her face is badly scarred from a fire, though she won't speak of what had happened.

- A young man in his early twenties, with a thick head of brown hair and soulful olive eyes. Though he loves being a ranger, he true passion is music, oft carrying a lute or flute with him on the longer patrols - though he refrains from playing around Rael, knowing how the lycan doesn't like musical instruments.

- A tall elf with long black hair, he is more at home within the forest than the Station, only making rare appearances there to report in. His constant companion is Vendel, a brown furred weasel. [url=Ga]Ga[/url]Ga
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Ranger Roster
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