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 Stories of the Deepwood

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PostSubject: Stories of the Deepwood   Wed Jan 16, 2013 9:07 am

For many weeks hunters who were brave enough to hunt the game within the Deep woods had returned home and headed to their favorite watering hole to tell stories of what they had seen or heard. This was not an uncommon trend, as the Deep Woods was known by all as a treacherous and dangerous place. It was home to many strange creatures that, thankfully rarely ever left their native hunting grounds.

Recently, men had returned home from their excursions saying that they had seen a woman in a white gown wading into the icy river and then simply.. disappear beneath the fast-running water without a word. Others, say they saw no woman, but swore they had heard singing coming from across the river, where the woods became thicker and more twisted, the paths harder to follow.

One man said his brother crossed the river in search of the voice, and returned a few hours later only to pack up his gear and make haste for the safety of the city. The brother claims he had seen trees growing in the shape of people, even going as far as to say that some of these trees appeared to have natural 'faces' carved into the bark. When he went to further examine the strange looking trees, he found them to feel 'warm' as if something was heating them from the inside.

Curious about this, he removed his hunting knife and dug it deeply into its trunk, intending to cut away at the bark. Instead, he was met by a pain filled howl of agony that seemed to come directly from the tree. The man admits to dropping his knife and running away that point, however, he chanced a glance back at the howling tree and noticed that where he had cut away at the trunk, a steady stream of what he believes was blood was dripping from the wound.

The man has since told friends and tavern goers a like that he will no longer be hunting in the deep woods, and warns that other men who venture out go in well prepared, and if they hear any voices to not follow.
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Stories of the Deepwood
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