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 More Ideas

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PostSubject: More Ideas   Tue Sep 15, 2009 3:30 pm

Okay so I'm combining ideas from a few Koh, Trega and myself into one forum post just because I can basicly.

1. There needs to be some form of weather system that tell ya what the weather is from day to day.

2. The Area' map is nice but we need a localized City map that shows where all these building are located and such. Nothing like running around Lost in yoru own city and such

3. Does Eldarus have a Road Construction Season?? (I know it is off the wall but I'm curious)

4. Some form of Monetary system in regards to a persons wealth and maybe also social standing type thing

5. public Executions, or in the cases where that is not warranted you need like a set of Stocks in the town square where everybody can see the guilty party on display and such. There would even be a sign stating the offense committed. I'm all for floggings too.

6. I know you're already probably working on this but there should be an official lsiting of whom the governmental figureheads are I.E. Jaxon, Ranger

7. maybe a link to the forums from the Chat Page?

8. A Bulletin Board for Job Postings that are Random and requested by other people. As for Official jobs as Trega recommended maybe some sort of link on the main page that is is an official application that goes straight to the Admins.

9. Can we have a Taco Bell yet?

10. Can we put a Sonic in the market place too?
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More Ideas
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