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 Reizyn - Student of Riku Contara

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PostSubject: Reizyn - Student of Riku Contara   Mon Jan 07, 2013 8:04 pm

Race: Human

Age: Seventeen

Characteristics: Reizyn stands at five seven and very petite. She has long black hair that is usually in a pony tail. Her eyes are purple. Her skin is pale as snow. Her attire consists of usual ninja garments. Fishnets, bandages etc. She carries one small katana and one big katana.

History: Reizyn is a student to Rachel, Riku's younger sister. When she was younger at age eight, her mother fell into debt and got involved with the wrong people, the mafia. She was forced into prostitution. Therefore if she didn't make enough Reizyn was hurt either physically or sexually. One day her mother passed away due to a violent client. Reizyn was forced into the same situation. At eight she was about to be violated when a tall girl killed all of them men from the mafia. She was saved by this girl and taken into the care of her. Being in the care Rachel provided many things for Reizyn including combat training.

Rachel then sent Reizyn off to find his brother to get training under him.
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Reizyn - Student of Riku Contara
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