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 Lucia - The Telekinetic Child

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PostSubject: Lucia - The Telekinetic Child   Mon Jan 07, 2013 7:21 pm

Race: Human

Age: Thirteen

Characteristics: Long red hair to her lower back, darkened skin, black eyes, baggy cotton long red sweater, leather shorts, baggy leather boots.

History: Lucia's memory was erased. She has no idea of her past. All she knows is she escaped a lab. She was held captive there. She escaped and found shelter in Eldarus. Not able to control her powers which is telekinesis. She found herself hiding near a farm, weeping. Mika Ravencross found her and helped her up. Bringing her to the bar where he provided care which was food and drink. She asked if she was able to come live with him. He brought her back to the home where she was met in nice a matter by Hana Tachibana. There she was setup a room. Little did she know they weren't normal people but vampires. She resides with other children. Clover, Elizabeth, Crimson, Sienna. Also a big fluffy dog named Bear.

Looking for Mika all over the place. coming back home after so many hours of searching the Forge burnt down and Lucia was again without a home.
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Lucia - The Telekinetic Child
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