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 Aine - Youngest Maiden to Princess Luella

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PostSubject: Aine - Youngest Maiden to Princess Luella   Mon Jan 07, 2013 6:43 pm

(Ignore the tail!)

Race: High Elf

Sex: Female

Age: Twelve

Characteristics: Short silverish - blueish hair, standing about four five. Attire consists of whatever the Princess wants her in.


Aine was born in a High Elf village. Her parents were the leaders of the elves there. One day one of her fathers enemies attacked the village killing everyone. Aine's mother hid her so she could live. After everyone dead and the enemies gone, or so she thought, Aine ran off to find help and shelter. She found Eldarus, a new town. She was caught up in a violent situation but one of the royals were there. The Princess. She took in Aine. Fed her, clothed her, and bathed her. She now is the youngest of the escorts and maidens' that serve the Princess.
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Aine - Youngest Maiden to Princess Luella
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