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 Otrava - Servant to the Shadowheart's

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PostSubject: Otrava - Servant to the Shadowheart's   Mon Jan 07, 2013 6:02 pm

Race: Yuan- ti

Age: Snake form: Unknown Human form: appears early twenties.

Special abilities: Shape shifting; hand to hand combat; super speed; venom.

Weapons: Her hands and feet; vemon.

Character Description: Stands at six three, about shoulder length hair a little past it. greenish to greyish skin, yellow eyes. Her attire consists of an assassin. Kinda skimpy. Her snake form is seven feet long.

Born in the pits of the Shadowfell, Otrava was fated to be a servant to the Shadowhearts. Being what she is, a yuan-ti; she can shapeshift into a human and snake form. Trained by the Shadow King, Nesirae to use lethal hand to hand combat, her weapon were her legs and hands. Her other weapon is the venom that resides throughout her body inside. It only takes one minute to be killed from her venom.
Sometimes even less. She also is very fast.
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Otrava - Servant to the Shadowheart's
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