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 Mikhail Stankov

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PostSubject: Mikhail Stankov   Sun Jul 29, 2012 12:06 am

Name: Mikhail Stankov

Age: Early twenties.
Race: Human.
Special Abilities: None.
Mikhail stands at a fair 6'5," with Tilsverd-worthy green eyes. His hair is shaggy and black, though he keeps it neatly brushed back. He was built well, with strong arms and hands big enough to crush an enemy, though he uses his strength elsewhere. He is a talented surgeon, specializing in hearts. Meticulous by nature, Mikhail abhors anything unclean, and is borderline obsessive-compulsive. He is very serious and seldom smiles, though his heart is kind. Mikhail currently resides in the Kabuki Theatre with beau Akusai Kyoushi.

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Mikhail Stankov
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