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 Rayen Shadowoak

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Yoya DuSang


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Character Name:: Yoya DuSang
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PostSubject: Rayen Shadowoak   Fri Jun 29, 2012 5:20 pm

Age: 22
Hometown: Capital City of the Narhiem Kingdom
Current Residence: Kishi Longhouse
Occupation: Assistant to Rhaego the Spirit Shaman.
Siblings (describe relationship): One brother, two sister-in-laws.
Children (describe relationship): None
Grandparents (describe relationship): None
Grandchildren (describe relationship): None
Significant Others (describe relationship): Rhaego Agoyoanye, Husband.
Relationship skills: She loves her husband deeply, and though she knows how to be around people and be polite she tends to stay quiet.
Physical Characteristics: Slender and Delicate for her size.
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 115lbs
Race: Elven
Eye Color: Light Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Skin color: Ivory
Distinguishing features: Her piercing blue eyes
How does she dress?: She wears simple yet revealing clothing, that mixes the clothing choices of her husband's tribe with her born and raised, noble garb.
Health: Fair Health
Hobbies: Sewing.
Favorite Sayings: "Don't kill the deer Rhaego! Run Deer Run!"
Speech patterns: Her speech is quiet, slow, and intelligent. Her words come out after much thought on how they will be taken.
Disabilities: Her body is not yet used to the land of her husband causing many blisters and bruises, nor are her pale blue eyes used to the sun, nearly blinding her in sunlight.
Greatest flaw: Due to her previous life, she is not used to the wilderness and does not know how to act accordingly. Also she expects everyone to be just as respectful and refined, as she was taught to be.
Best quality: She cares about everyone, and cares even more for the animals, and plants around her, knowing how to use the plants, for medicines.
What motivates this character?: Keeping her family safe, and making sure that her husband, is happy, and well taken care of.
What frightens this character?: The loss of her husband, or any member of her family. Yet she is also terrified of the Lokota Lifestyle which is severly different from her own.
Hero?: Her older brother, who is strong, in will and physically.
Relationships with other characters: She is easily agreeable, yet can be stuck up.
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Rayen Shadowoak
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