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 Nerissa Wolfe

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Yoya DuSang


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PostSubject: Nerissa Wolfe   Fri Apr 20, 2012 6:39 pm

On the date of April 20th Nerissa was arrested for the safety of Eldarus' citizens. It has been found that she is a Ghoul of Paris. Nerissa will be kept in the guard house in a cell until she is released from being Paris' Ghoul.

To Define a ghoul.

A Ghoul is a mortal being who regularly drinks the blood of a Vampire. The mortal gains mystical power through the Vampire's Vitae, and becomes, willing or not, a blood-bound servant of the Vampire. The blood enraptures the ghoul, making them a slave to their master's will. They perform their duties because they cannot refuse, even unto death.
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Nerissa Wolfe
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