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 Amore and Perdita

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Nadja, Shadow of Death


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PostSubject: Amore and Perdita   Fri Apr 06, 2012 1:14 pm

Names: Amore & Perdita Dellavita. (Real names unknown.)
Genders: Females
Race: 1/2 Siren 1/2 Changeling
Actual Age: 17 Apparent Age: 17
Weapons: Both carry the same weaponry which includes; Falchion, rapier, longsword, short sword, crossbow, throwing knifes, and the hidden blade.
Special Abilities: Free running, change appearance, telapathic link to each other, stealth, captivating song, and seduction.
Physical Description: They both have sharp almost almond shaped eyes of grey color, dark hair but where as Perdita keeps hers in a braid down her back Amore puts hers into a pony tail with some of her hair framing her pretty face. Their skin is a light olive tone. They stand at 5'6" and weighs 120lbs. They are exceptionally beautiful due to their siren heritage, though Perdita tends to keep hers more plain, when using her seduction abilities Amore tends to look more beautiful, but gets rid of the eeriness of the Siren.
Amore: She tends to be more upbeat and up front about everything. She is also very cuddly. Amore tends to be forgetfull and a little bit silly, but this is a front. She is actually very depressed about her situation and her life. She uses her beautiful face as a front and a way to attract her target. She isn't known by anyone except her sister Perdita.
Perdita:She tends to be more withdrawn, and cautious about everything. She doesn't like to be touched except by her sister, with whom she readily holds and seeks skin to skin contact with. She speaks in short clipped sentences and says very little. She strikes from a distance without letting her target see the bolt. She is unknown to all except her sister, Amore.
History: Amore and Perdita were born with another sister, Livore. Livore was kidnapped and taken. The other two girls were forced to work for her captor. They make a living as assassins killing anyone the man picks. They came to Eldarus to search out Aratar Tsugara and Riku Contara to kill. Along with Ashe to teach them.
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Amore and Perdita
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