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 Update on Paris

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Yoya DuSang


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PostSubject: Update on Paris   Fri Mar 23, 2012 1:44 am

The man was found March 23rd by Trega, Raelith, Rynn, and Tempest in Ellington's Last Stop. I was called into the scene. What I found was shadow duplicates, and a fight. We tried to fight him off, and when we thought we had him dead, it unfortunately turned out to be the waitress from his first attack. Carved into the woman's skin was the words, "The Game is Afoot." The woman was unfortunately dead, and unable to be revived having taken a knife to the heart, multiple burns, bruises, and a gun shot to the face. Paris unfortunately escaped and has yet to be caught. The woman was taken to the guard house until she is able to be properly buried.

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Update on Paris
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