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 Akusai's New Crush List!

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Shizukesa Ryujin


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Character Name:: Shizukesa Ryujin
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PostSubject: Akusai's New Crush List!   Tue Mar 13, 2012 7:13 pm

Rating system

Best! <3
Stupid Boy


Maxwell Evans: Friend
Riku Contara: Infatuation
Ayden: Infatuation
Kenoth Tajo: Acquaintance
Mikhail Stankov:Acquaintance
Nesirae Shadowheart: Acquaintance
Renton Ravensong: Friend
Raelith Kelithin: Stupid Boy
Vaeria Vyryl: Stupid Boy
Mika Ravencross: Acquaintance
Riizak: Friend
Trega Merekid:Friend/dealer
Aero: Acquaintance
Aithen Veldriek: Stupid Boy
Cedric Ellington:Friend
Jaxon a'Rone:Acquaintance
Ranger Foxcrown: Stupid Boy
Dizuan Cadsane:Friend
Acheron: Stupid Boy/ assless
Xuan he: Friend
Ashe: Friend
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Akusai's New Crush List!
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