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 Kelongyr, Drow baker of dread

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Character sheet
Character Name:: Kelongyr
Race: Drow
Alignment: Neutral Evil

PostSubject: Kelongyr, Drow baker of dread   Wed Feb 29, 2012 2:37 am

Name: Kelongyr of House Chessirin

Race: Drow

Age: 175 (Looks about 17)

Gender: Male

Weapons: A drow long knife, saber, and a flintlock pistol. His pistol doesn't fire bullets, instead, it augments the spells he channels through it into enlarged, and empowered versions.

Special Abilities: Mastery over Elemental Magic, Novice in Shadow Magic. Cappoeira hand to hand fighting skills. Often blends magic with fist when he fights.

Physical Description: Standing at 5' even, he has ivory wavy hair down to his shoulders. His skin is ebony with violet highlights. His right eye is a deep crimson. Over his left eyes is a chocolate brown leather patch with a silver spider with black eyes embroidered on it. His clothing consists of leather breeches, leather boots, and gloves, all black. He wears a black tattered long coat, which is form fitting due to the grey straps holding it to his body. His coat is hooded and he often wears a face mask, to cover the lower half of his face. On his back he has a tattoo of a rare, exotic spider. On his face there are many tattoos of spiders that glow a soft violet and move when he channels his arcane magics. Covering his chest and arms are deep black arcane markings, which can be seen against his skin, black against black.

Magic items: His only magic item is the one he crafted himself; his pistol. It was a regular black and silver device, until he got a hold of the bones of a divine spellcaster. He enchanted the bones, and fused them with the wood, and steel of the weapon. Due to his meddling the pistol acts as a wand for his spells, both empowering, and enlarging them to devastating effect.

Personality: Cold, ruthless, and violent. Kelongyr is a product of his society. Paranoid and arrogant, he refuses to speak the common tongue. Feeling the drow superiority, makes the tongue of humans filthy to his lips. He trains in his three passions constantly; arcane arts, martial arts, and the culinary arts. One could not say he was not a man of the arts, though he is a painter, and death was his muse, blood his paint, and a fresh victim his canvas.

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Kelongyr, Drow baker of dread
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