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 Restricted characters and other issues!

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PostSubject: Restricted characters and other issues!   Wed Feb 01, 2012 4:21 pm

Unfortunately, it seems I have to post yet again that there will be no DRAGON (or dragonborn, kin, half,ect ) , VAMPIRE, ANGEL, DEMON, WERE-ANYTHING
This applies for anyone NEW or OLD. As of right now, anymore requests for these characters will be simply ignored (provided this is not your first character - you will be provided with an e-mail explanining why, if you haven't read this)

It posted IN the chatroom that these characters are not being made at this time, it is also on the character registration form itself, and in the fourms.

We are horribly out of balance with "Powerful Special" characters, and less superpowered 'normal' characters.

"Trading" characters is not an option either, you can not trade one character in for one on the restricted list.

Race changing, is not acceptable without permission. Permission will not be granted if you are simply bored,or want to play amore interesting race. The character is likely boringbecause you let it get that way. No offense toanyone.

IF you want the character to be changed into a (when the bvan is lifted) vampire,were.. you MUST let an admin know, explain the situation, the reasoning behind it, and if its a good concept, or helps a storyline flow, we'll be good with it provided you follow the guidelines. If we say no, please do not go a head and do it.
We aren't trying to be mean, we're trying to make a fun enviorment, where everyone has as much equal play as possible.

This character restriction is not new. It has been in place off and on for several months. You will be notified when the restriction lifts on these characters.
The restriction will return when needed.

Now, this does not give you the OKAY to create insanely powerful human/elf/whathave yous. If your character is able to destroy someone in oneaction, or destroy a room,building, universe, please rethink the application, and the fact that I am poor and can't afford advil for the headache I'll get from facepalming so hard after reading.

Any questions, comments, find myself in the chatroom or email or my personal e-mail its urgent
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Restricted characters and other issues!
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