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 The Arrival of a Demon

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Mika Ravencross


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PostSubject: The Arrival of a Demon   Thu Sep 10, 2009 2:53 pm

"Come on now! Hoist those sails! I want the ship to be as intact as possible when we present it to Master Merekid!"

A rather important looking sailor shouted order to the mass of crewmen on the deck, his voice carrying over the heavy storm that battered the sides of the massive galleon. With each flash of thunder, the deck lit up like a fire, light pouring onto the decks. With each flash a crewman was revealed, twisted and changed from their human forms. Most of them were hunched over, wearing long raincoats to cover their bodies. Only a few were without the coats, sstanding to the sides with their arms crossed. Werewolves were commanding these crewmen.

"Come on! Move faster! Otherwise General Ravencross will have your tails!"

"Captain Tekaso. . . I hope you are not being to hard on my poor children. After all. . . A father must set his eldest in line when he abuses his younger siblings."

The werewolf that had previously been shouting drops to one knee in a sign of respect

"General Ravencross. . . My apologies. We are approaching the port of Eldarus. We will be there within minutes."

Mika Ravencross towered above the lycan captain, his long black cloak whipping in the wind of the storm. His hood was up over his face so that all of his features were covered. Only his azure eyes broke through the darkness. He cut an imposing figure, and many among the crew began to follow their captains movements, moving into the bow.

Mika spreads his arms out, addressing the entire crew from above on the higher deck

"My children! Over the course of this journey you have converted from your former goddess Tahkisis, to the teachings of the god sleeping within my flesh, Fenrir. I am happy to know that I have each of your loyalties, but remember. . . You are followers of The Clan. Not of Mika Ravencross! I am merely a superior, and command can flicker between several Clan members. Soon we will be reaching the shores of Eldarus. . . There, we will meet with a man of great power. Trega Merekid, one of the leaders of The Clan. You will obey him. . . You will follow his commands. . . And you will respect him. . . Now my children. . . Let us go to this land of Eldarus, and find our new home."

Mika draws his blade and points it towards the front of the ship, pointing out towards the land that was coming into view. The crew cheers loudly, their voices actually drowning out the crack of thunder that followed a strike of lightining that lit up the entire deck.

On the shore, a man with a hat and cloak stands on the shore, his fingers pressed softly to his temple. He chuckles softly and turns around

"Damn sparkly faggot. . .
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The Arrival of a Demon
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