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 Jusrisdiction and Special Room Rules

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PostSubject: Jusrisdiction and Special Room Rules   Thu Jan 26, 2012 2:07 pm

The following is a list of rooms and their jurisdictional designation. This is a list of which rooms each patrolling group is responsible for. You may, and should, pursue a criminal if they cross into another jurisdiction and regardless of jurisdiction, enforcing the law and protecting the citizens of Eldarus takes full precedence.

--Rooms with special rules will be explained below.

Cemetary (Sp)

Siren's Springs (R)

Guard House (G)

Gypsy Encampment (Sp)

Harbour (G)

Dragon's Range (P)

Ivory Hall (K)

Kabuki Theater (G)

L’Ecole des Armes (G)

Lighthouse and Beach (R)

Market Square (G)

Mountain Pass (R)

Proving Grounds (Sp)

Ranger Station (R)

Ruins (Sp)

Ellington’s Last Stop (G)

Silk Curtain (G)

Silver Forest (R)

Temple Circle (Sp)

White Wyvern Inn (G)

The Deepwood (P)

The Twin Ravens (P)

Wifey McBeaty's (P)

G – This room is under the jurisdiction of the Guards.

R – This room is under the jurisdiction of the Rangers.

K – This room is under the jurisdiction of the Regent’s Knights.

P – This room is Perilous. Play at your own risk. If your character dies, or is killed here. They are dead. You cannot be 'brought back to life' instantly, without Admin approval.

Sp – This room has special rules. See below.

Patrolled: (G), (R), (K) - Rooms designated under the jurisdiction of the Guards, Rangers, or Knights are considered patrolled. In these rooms, all the laws of the city apply. Also, characters may not be killed in these rooms without their player’s consent.

Perilous: (P)- These rooms are not protected by the Guards or the Rangers. In these rooms, you play at your own risk. Characters may kill each other in these rooms, and if yours is killed, so be it. It’s your choice to play in these rooms or not, and you assume all the risks involved.

Special: (Sp) - These rooms have special rules unique to each. These rules are explained below.

Cemetery: During the day, the cemetery is patrolled by the Guards. At night, however, it becomes a far more ominous place. With the night’s darkness, the surrounding growth of tree roots and vines, and the various tombstones, the terrain seems entangling. Even the brave men and women of the Guard rarely, if ever, go there at night. At night, the room is considered perilous.

Gypsy Encampment: The gypsies are a tight knit, semi-nomadic culture. As such, they tend to be secretive, wary of outsiders, and very self protective. They also keep their own laws and enforce them their own way. Stealing from the gypsies is a good way to lose a hand. If someone is killed in their camp, it’s a lot easier to just bury both your bodies and pretend neither of you were ever there, than to explain why someone was killed in their camp. Think about it.

Proving Grounds: The Proving Grounds is a place to test one's mettle in combat. Fights that take place here are treated as any real fight. Injuries and wounds affect characters normally and death is a possible outcome. The difference is after the fight is over, the wounds and injuries, even the death vanish as if they never happened. To have your wins/losses scored, email the date and time of the fight and either a brief summary (who was involved, who won, etc) and, if possible, a copy/pasted transcript to with the subject "Proving Grounds" Without the email under the proper subject, your fight will not be scored.

Ruins: The Ruins are swarming with goblins, haunted by spirits, buzzing with magic, and who knows what else. By order of the Regent, they are off limits. Anyone known to go there will have a warrant placed for their arrest. In addition, while there, any number of random perils may befall someone. Monsters may attack at any moment. Magic performed there may backfihe Ruinsre or be warped somehow. The spirits of the Ruins are a mystery and what they are capable of and what they may do can only be guessed at.

Temple Circle: The Temple Circle is holy ground. The priests of the temple forbid blood to be shed there. Should combat break out, the priests will use their divine magic to move the offenders off their sacred land. (In other words: No fighting in the temple. Move it to another room.) Wounded characters in danger can seek sanctuary at the temple. The priests will protect and heal the character, however the healing magic is Good aligned. Any evil character will not be healed and will instead be further harmed, then immediately banished out of the temple.

Player Made Rooms: Rooms made by characters can be designated as patrolled or perilous and in some cases special. When making the room, please add the proper designation (G) for guard rooms, typically locations within the city, (R) for ranger rooms, typically locations in the surrounding wilderness, (P) for perilous rooms, typically isolated and dangerous locations. Any Player Made Room that does not have a designation is assumed a safe room, either (G) or (R) depending on the more likely of the two based on location. If a Player Made Room has special (Sp) rules, those rules most be PMed to anyone who enters the room before they begin to play.

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Jusrisdiction and Special Room Rules
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