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 Law Enforcement Expectations and Chain of Command

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PostSubject: Law Enforcement Expectations and Chain of Command   Thu Jan 26, 2012 2:02 pm

Law Enforcement Chain of Command:

Captain (1): The captain is the top of the command chain and reports directly to the Regent or his appointed representative. The captain may directly command up to six npc guards in regular confrontations. During major events, he is responsible for defining the actions of the entire npc guard force.

Lieutenant (2): The lieutenants are the captain’s right and left hands. They report directly to the captain. The lieutenant may directly command up to four npc guards in regular confrontations. During major events, a lieutenant may be responsible for larger detachments of npc guards.

Sergeant (2): The sergeants report to the lieutenants and, of course, the captain. A sergeant may directly command up to two npc guards in regular confrontations. During major events, a sergeant may be responsible for small detachments of npc guards.

Patrolman (-): Patrolmen are the basic patrolling guards. They report to any officer above them. Patrolmen cannot command any npc guards.

Guard/Ranger Expectations:

Guards/Rangers are expected to be more than just the IC police force. They are IC moderators as well. Disputes between characters should be settled through them. Disputes between players during play should be dealt with by them as well. They are the on the spot handlers of such issues. If an issue cannot be worked out on the spot, then it should be brought to an Admin.

Certain moderator functions (specifically SILENCE and MOVE and RANDOM ROLL) are given to the Guards/Rangers to assist in these situations. These functions are to be used responsibly and for their intended purposes.

If a player is being abusive, harassing another, excessively using OOC speech in IC rooms, etc. IM warnings should be given BEFORE the silence function is employed. Use a “three strikes” rule of thumb for this.

Random Roll can be used as a tool to settle an even dispute with the fairness of pure randomness. The two disputing parties pick a number (1-20). Then the moderator uses the /roll command and whoever guessed closer wins. This removes the argument that a moderator is playing favorites or judging unfairly. It’s essentially a coin flip.

The Move function is mostly for style purposes. A Guard/Ranger, once they have arrested someone and have them fully in custody, can use the move command to put them in the guardhouse. That’s just a little indulgence for my own entertainment, feel free to enjoy it. It can also be used as an alternative to the Kick command to remove an uncooperative player from an IC room. While nothing stops them from moving back into the room (which I’m working on anyway), nothing stops a kicked player from logging back in either.

Additionally, the Captain of each force will have access to the KICK function. This must be used with the same discretion and responsibility as the others, of course. One again, a three strikes set of warnings is recommended.

The Guards/Rangers are also expected to be active and interactive in the IC facet of the game. If you are logged in and there are people RPing in a room under your jurisdiction, go in. Pass through the room. Even if you don’t fully engage in the RP in progress, make an appearance; post once or twice about passing through, looking around, saying hello to someone IC if appropriate. Give a little time afterwards to see if anyone engages you. Then move on if nothing keeps your there, but at least it creates a feeling of presence. Just sitting in the OOC does not constitute being accessible to the players. It’s the Guards/Rangers’ responsibility to engage the game.

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Law Enforcement Expectations and Chain of Command
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