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 (to be moved to Wanted) Wanted: a man named Paris

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PostSubject: (to be moved to Wanted) Wanted: a man named Paris   Tue Jan 17, 2012 12:51 am

All Law Officials be on the lookout for a man going by the name of Paris. He is described to be a pale man with blood red eyes. Last night he attacked a barmaid at the Last Stop, seeming to feed from her without marring the skin. The barmaid hence became deranged, and tried to attack a good Samaritan, Jonathan Barbour. She was subdued, and later taken to the infirmy, but the man, or creature, who had caused it escaped into shadows before any officials could show up.
A note was left with another Stop patron, a cryptic message that reads "Tick. . . Tock. . . Tick. . . Tock. . . Good or Evil. . . Survival or Terror. . . Motives are everything and nothing. So which do you choose. . . Life or Death. . . "
Life was chosen that night, and it can only be hoped that the man will be caught before he has the chance to further cause any damage.
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PostSubject: Re: (to be moved to Wanted) Wanted: a man named Paris   Thu Jan 19, 2012 4:33 pm

Let it be known that the Barmaid for The Last Stop has been released from the Infirmary, her symptoms having passed a few hours after she was brought in. The Woman stated that she had no memory of the event, but did make a point to note she felt an intense hunger for flesh and a strange and powerful lust. Prior to her pain she did inform the Medical Teams of a feeling similar to intoxication. She has been sent home but is required to check in every three days at the Infirmary to make sure there is no lasting damage.
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(to be moved to Wanted) Wanted: a man named Paris
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