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 ~The Formal Ball in a nutshell~

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PostSubject: ~The Formal Ball in a nutshell~   Tue Sep 08, 2009 5:45 pm

I wanted to take a moment and sum up last night's festivities, for your enjoyment and posterity!

I tried to log as much as I could, but I was away for a while and didn't catch everything. So I apologize if I missed you!

(Text marked with [brackets] are verbatim excerpts)

First things first, what did everyone wear?? Dressing up was one of the main interest points of the event, and I assure you, the attendees didn't disappoint.

Formal Wear

Renton Ravensong : He [strolled into the hall, dressed in his maroon noble's suit. Missing his hat and coat. He even went as far as to put the frill in his V-cut torso and in his cuffs. He cleaned up rather well, for being a pirate.]

Amai : Wore a floor-length silver/maroon piece - [The formal dress is spectacular - the strapless, heart-shaped bustline flatters her sun-kissed shoulders. The bodice itself is deep maroon in color, with silver embellishments running in a flower-like pattern across the top. The waist is long and basque style, giving way to silver-colored lace that runs down to the floor.] ... [Her piece-y, jagged bangs are swept at an angle across her forehead and the rest is swept upward in the back, interwoven with flower stems.]

Katsa Whiteblade : Wore an intricately embellished white dress with accessories to match - She [walked into the hall and a flattering white silk dress that would come down to mid calf, the dress crisscrossed across her form, giving it a net-like appearance, covering the more imortant areas but still leaving much to see. She wore a fine pair of white elbow length silk gloves to compliment the dress as well as a pair of white dress shoes. Auburn hair stood out against the clothing as she had it curled and pinned to fall in waves down her back to just below her shoulder.]

Kevin Stalman : One of our tournament victors looked quite dashing in the standard noblemens' garb

Auryon Rivorn : She was unrecognizable to some in this stunning ensemble - [The Pirate wore an emerald colored gown, that halted just after her knee, the front was decorated with silver and blue beadwork, that shone and drew nearly immediate attention to her impressive chest. The front, plunged scandalously downward, and looked as if it had been modified, as the edges seemed rough. Her firey-red locks were worn down, in large curls, a large step from her normal braided hair. Her green eyes, seemed more bighter, and her lips had a lusty-look to them.]

Alexis Maxwell : Our friend Alexis was in charge of the alcoholic beverages and fit in quite nicely, though he played a mischievous matchmaker between drink and drink-er.

Smitty : Our honorable Smitty was [Dressed in his finest clothing. With silver buttons and a silk shirt, his wardrobe is topped off nicely with a cape with a wolf hide trim.]

Frejya Wolfsdotter : [She'd entered early and then changed her mind, decided to watch those that had gathered there instead of partaking for awhile.] Her general attire was unknown, but she wore a pendant around her neck.

Ranger Foxcrown : Another of our tournament victors was [resplendant in the dress uniform of the Captain of the Guards, Complete with a cloth of gold cloack hanging down his back.]

Koh : As for the endearing Koh, [Before the ball, he had to run around and try to find some formal clothing to wear, and luckily he had. He stood off to the side a bit, tugging at the sleeves of his clothing. Which was dominated by black with a bit of white here and there.]

Trega Merekid : This pirate dressed to impress. [He wore tall boots of black leather, brown doe-skin pants, and a white shirt of light silk. Over this he wore a captain's coat, white suede with the lapel of brown doe skin. His cuffs were linked with black pearls. Around his neck was a thin silver chain with a very small pendant on it. On his head was a wide brimmed hat of heavy white leather which bore a long peacock feather. On his hip, as expected was a sword, but not his usual rapier. It was a beautiful silver smallsword.]

Svenia : This gentle healer [wore the dress Ardin had given her for the ball, the bodice fitting snugly to her frame while the skirts fanning out at the waist, falling into neat folds at her ankles, the sleeves tighting firmly to her upper arms to flare out at the elbow. Her long brown tresses were neatly pulled back and curled, leaving her delicately pointed ears exposed. She wore no makeup, but needed none, her wide doe eyes and naturally pink lips quite striking.]

Damon Thown : We were glad Giselle convinced him to come along when he arrived [dressed in all black. A black tunic, black leather breeches and black boots adorned his feet.]

Giselle Rhys : This sensitive beauty had quite the eventful night wearing [A soft cream colored gown with gold threading throughout. It was pretty enough but not one of the more elaborate gowns she had brought with her on the ship. Her cheeks blushed softly...]

Kelandros : Though he arrived late, he was able to make up for the lost time with his usual dubious fun. [He had to do some last minuete aquistion of some formal wear but now he was here.]

Evelyn Abendroth : Our resident nobility had [stepped out of her carriage in front of the hall, dressed in a long, elgant velvet gown of a deep green, trimmed extensivly in gold, a mink stole around her neck to ward off the slight chill in the air. She was a tall, aristocratic woman, her long red hair curled, teased, and pinned in a style at the height of the fashion in her home city. As she entered the room, she sniffed at seeing all the commoners, but tonight wasnt about enjoyment, it was about getting out word of the textile shop she had just set up. Plastering a smile upon her admittaly beautiful face, her eyes lined with kohl and lips cherry red, she swept over to a free table].

Draceena : Though I wasn't able to get a read on her attire, Draceena was a joy as she danced to every song, thoroughly enjoying the orchestra

Thoth : He wore his usual attire but definitely stood out as he took a leading part in the orchestra, inspiring our feet with his fiery self-composed instrumentals and dazzling solos.

And now to answer the question lingering in everyone's mind: Who danced with whom?? As far as I could see, these were the dance partners for the night.

Dance Partners

Amai & Renton

Amai & Kelandros

Kevin & Katsa

Trega & Freyja

Kelandros & Auryon

Koh & Giselle

Auryon & Ranger

Sorry if I missed any! Did romance blossom on the ballroom floor last night? Only time will tell.

Over-all, the event went very well. Except for a claim of thievery that may (or may not!) have been true, there was music, drink, and laughter to be had for all. As well as giving us a chance to show off our good looks, the ball gave us a good opportunity to get to know one another. As the night went on, the crowd slowly dispersed into different areas of town.

Feel free to add anything I missed, or let us in on any happenings after!

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PostSubject: Thanks Amai   Tue Sep 08, 2009 7:27 pm

Thanks for posting this Amai Smile

I was really happy with the turnout,and hoped everyone had a good time Rping it out. I'd like to give a kudos to Thoth, for joining the band and playing us some music!
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PostSubject: Re: ~The Formal Ball in a nutshell~   Tue Sep 08, 2009 11:40 pm

Thanks Amai! Appreciate you taking the time to put all that down.
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PostSubject: Re: ~The Formal Ball in a nutshell~   

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~The Formal Ball in a nutshell~
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