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Kira Ravensong


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Character Name:: Kira Ravensong
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PostSubject: Reminiscing   Tue Nov 22, 2011 8:30 pm

Kira was sifting through the ashes that made up the soil in the Jester's Treasure chest. She remembered the first day she had stumbled off the back of the gypsy cart. The girl frowned as something hard met her fingers and she struggled with the dark sand to pull whatever it was free. She gasped softly when she realized what it was. It was a picture frame, the mahogany burned slightly around the edges but as she turned it over in her porcelain hands she discovered there was an even bigger reason to gasp. She recognized the faces that peered from the aged portrait. The Nightmare ran her fingers over the rough parchment that hid beneath the thick paint, her mouth hanging slightly open.

"It's me..." She whispered, touching the small pale face that peered out behind a dark mop of hair. The woman in the portrait was standing next to a three others and Kira knew them instantly as her own family. Something very obviously was wrong. Her infant daughter and son were standing just behind the man who was unmistakably her husband with his red locks.

It was a family portrait. She gasped again as she scratched at the paint, it had to be a sign from... something. The girl frowned deeply and sighed as she sat back on her heels, smudging her pretty blue dress with the sooty dirt. It dawned on her then that it was the same exact dress she wore in the portrait.

The Nightmare sat in the dirt of the Jester's Treasure Chest for a while then, trying to decide how the picture had ended up in the magic shop, it seemed to have come from the future.

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