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 Demons of sin

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PostSubject: Demons of sin   Wed Nov 09, 2011 12:49 am

for two thousand years a family of demons have been terrorizing the world, killing hundreds of thousands for the sake of the few to create an army of undead to wage a bloody war against the living.
the five children spread out across the world killing in the name of the mother and father but mostly for the fun of seeing the living plead for mercy as their life drained out into the pools of crimson blood around their feet. the first of the children, Greed spread far and wide as fast as possible she didn't have the blood lust her sisters and brothers did she wanted only the select few the ones who would make it into the undead legion, she was also the first to die.
upon reaching the realm of Ren'sul she encountered a great number of these candidates being as she was she tore the city to the ground no one would escape alive... she was wrong as the village burned into the morning a small group of survivors returned from a hunting trip among them, Naamen Cadicas, they searched for anyone still living among the burnt remains. they found one soul still clinging to the mortal coil. the old woman told them of the demon that destroyed their home and killed their loved ones. taking to the road after greed they found themselves only days behind but each city told the same story, dozens killed brutally in public.
after several months of searching the group came to hear tales of demon hunters at first they believed the stories were of themselves but soon they came across the real hunters as they slayed a group of Imps in the forests of In'les. taken back to the monastery they were all trained in the arts of hunting, capturing, containing, and killing demons.

two years later the group met back up with greed, the demon had changed it's form a tall slender man bright green cat eyes, blood stained shark teeth, the tips of his bangs glowed white, he was carrying a spear he had stolen from their village. the battle took hours but in the end everyone ended up dead the survivors, greed, and naamen, as he lay impaled on the spear the demons blood flowed down from it's own wound it seeped into naamens body and as his heart gave it's last beat his body flooded with a demonic energy it coursed through his veins restarting his heart, looking down at the spear he pulled it from his torso and threw it to the ground, he collapsed a moment later as greeds essence took hold naamen was it's new host..... Six years later he managed to fight his way back to the surface and with his knowledge he sealed the demon away until he could maintain control forever, the demons blood granted naamen extreme longevity, and near immortality.

with greed dead it's family fought on against the living, a hundred years after greeds death wrath took a small portion of the undead army and attacked the dwarves that called themselves the firstlings, Dwarves made fine grunt in the army and the seven kingdoms before him would produce an abundance of troops, the attack was a complete success, with only a few dwaves making it out alive, the high king, the princess, a hand full of civilians and soldiers and Borios at the time known as "Borios of the swinging hammers", as wrath continued with his business turning the corpses of the fallen into new undead forces thousands of new troops were sent down to join the full army before the demons sloth and envy.
nine months after the attack Borios returned with a number of new dwarves from the secondling kingdom armed with what they called "Demonis slayers" weapons forged in the heart of dragon fire formed on an ancient anvil. Borios led the forces back through the deep roads into the remains of the firstling kingdom, they fought and died in the end only borios was left he stood before Wrath on the top of the mountains peak, they battles for what felt like years but in the end Borios Drove his hammer through the demons skull, it was unlucky though as the large demon had already infected Borios with his blood before they had even left the kingdom in the first attack.
as wrath fell to the ground his blood spread over the mountains peak, it could be seen from the secondlings kingdom, the crystal white snow that once shone like a diamond turned blood red, upon his return borios was granted status as a hero of the dwarves and honored with a statue in the halls of legends in each remaining kingdom, but at the same time the demonic infection had taken hold he was given armor to contain the infection but was cast out as a threat to everyone and everything in the land.

the remaining three children Pride, Gluttony and lust are gathering for an attack, seeing as how their siblings had been killed they would go for strength in numbers. they had felt Greeds death and wrath was faint but pride was getting closer she could feel her brothers presence in the city of eldarus... time for a feast before the others arrived.

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Demons of sin
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