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 Naamen Cadicas

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PostSubject: Naamen Cadicas   Thu Nov 03, 2011 8:09 pm

Name: Naamen Cadicas

Race: human-demon mix.

age: 159

sex: male

height: 6' 2"

weight: 213 lb's

Naamen Cadicas was born across the ocean in a small village, when he was thirty a demon ravaged his village, he and several others survived swearing they would see the demon dead at any cost, ninteen years later they finally caught it, having trained in demon hunting they dispatched the demon but only after loosing all of their own lives, naamen survived only because he was impaled by the demons claw and infected with it's blood, in an instant he fought for what seamed like decades to control his own mind and body, with his control restored he was flooded with knowledge of the demon, starring at his friends bodies he vowed to kill the remaining "sins".

trained as a demon hunter Naamen has a small supply of containment spells for full demons and half-breeds.

straight sword with extended hilt, runes etched along the center of the blade glow in the presence of demons and can be activated at will when naamen needs a little extra light.

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Naamen Cadicas
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