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 The Ceremony & Tournment

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Auryon R

PostSubject: The Ceremony & Tournment   Sun Sep 06, 2009 2:17 pm

I'd like to thank everyone who came and was involved in the first site wide event on Eldarus.
A big thanks to Amai for copying down what was going on. We are missing however, a bit of the tail end of the Rp. It may be edited in at a later date. This has no been edited, save for removing the things of 'so-and-so logs in/out) Enjoy.

Raven Everglare with a stern glance from an Elder, she stepped up to the podium, "..Hello..Everyone," her voice, thanks in kind to a handy spell from one of the local mages, projected out, and over the crowd to allow everyone hear her comfortably, "At this time, we Ask you all to take your seats, and clam yourselves. We will be starting shortly."

Amai leans back on her hands and takes a long look around the Hall. Though rich with life today, Eldarus had been deserted for the past hundreds of years. This room was in fact quite ancient, and the details in the walls and ceilings definitely showed it. The numerous ivory pillars, though undeniably beautiful, were stained in places, and full of cracks. She pondered on what great spectacles these walls had contained. At Raven's announcement, her pulse begins to quicken.

Aveline Elden excused her way through the crowd, hood pulled up to fend off the glaring sunlight. She found a seat for herself by Amai, though she didn't know it yet. The woman didn't say anything yet, just folded her hands in her lap to wait.

Raven Everglare her head held up high, held her hands behind her back, "While we await the arrival of the man we honour tonight, I would like to take time to thank those who have donated generously to their event." She turned to motion to the three gentlemen, and lady who sat in fancy chairs behind her, "Lord Ainsley, Lord Varone, and Lady Alavarez.." she unclapsed her hands, giving a light clap after annoucing the benefactors, "They, have kindly donated their hard earned coins to this historic event, now, let us show us some appreiation!"

Amai glances over at the new arrival at her side. She couldn't see her face, or be certain it was even a woman for that matter, but her delicate folded hands looked feminine. She smiles at the apparently shy woman; even without eye contact, perhaps she can feel her welcoming vibe.

Eripio spies a face in the crowd, hand drifting into his cloak for a moment before he decides against it.

Amai startles at the sudden onset of vigorous applause. Hurriedly, she falls in with her own clapping.

Eripio curses under his breath and ducks out of the room amidst the applause. The bastard couldn't leave well enough alone.

Raven Everglare smiling brightly, "And, for use of this lovely, historic building, let us give our warmest gratitude, to Lord Albert Everglare.." the man stood up, and bowed, pushing Raven to the side gently, to speak. "It is my honour to donate my time, wealth and building to such an extrodinary event, and, I am happy to see that you, of lower chastes.. are here as well..Welcome!" Raven, smiled, nodding her head to Albert as he sat down.

Aveline Elden caught Amai's smile in a happenstance glance, and quite forgetting that her face was still shrouded in shadows, returned it. She hadn't befriended hardly anyone in the time she'd been here--she'd only just found work, and every smile filled with with a hidden gratitude. Her dark violet eyes turned back to the speaker as applause died down again, curious.


Amai hears the crowd begin to cheer uproariously, and sits up as far as she can in her seat to find the cause of this sudden shift. "Is it starting...?"

Raven Everglare turned her head to the side, noticing a wave of the hand from a squire in the back. She nodded her head towards the small band in the corner, who, upon seeing the nod imedately began to play, signaling the arrival of the hose whom had entered the tournment.

Aveline Elden Feels like it~ Aveline remarks, mimicking Amai's posture as she, too, strained to see beyond heads.

Amai almost has to cover her ears as the crowd begins to chant a gutteral warcry in time with the music. Her heart rises up as she sees the contestants begin to enter into the arena, one by one.

Renton Ravensong entered in through the apointed side door. His arms instantly raised into the air, waving through the air as to give the audience a show. He would move up to the stage to stand behind Raven. He would remove his hat to show his bronze hair. He would take two bows, from the right to the left and then from left to right. His arm giving another wave with his hat. He would place the hat back on his head as he yawned streaching for what was to still come.

Kevin Stalman walks in slowly, bows to everyone then walks to the back and crouches watching everyone

Alex Nightraven walks in and bows as he smiles with the excitement in the halls then takes a seat with the rest of the contestants

Trega Merekid walked in with a whistful grin, feeling somewhat nostalgiac. He sighed.

Amai is really getting into the spirit of the event. When Renton waved, she couldn't help herself but to wave back enthusiastically, though this man was a stranger to her. A group of women had squealed behind her, one of them swooning over Amai's shoulder. The second contestant was also unfamiliar, but the intensity of his gaze affected her eerily, even from far away in the stands.

Daven Knox made his way through the door shortly after Trega, covered by a dark colored cloak with the hood raised to hide his features. He seemed slightly small in stature compared to the few who already entered, probably around the age of 16 or so. Only a few strands of raven black hair stuck out from the shadows of the hood, which he lowered as he moved towards the back near Kevin. His skin was somewhat pale, contrasting sharply with his hair. A slight scowl of annyoance was on his face, clearly not favoring the crowd.

Kevin Stalman whispers to Daven "not a fan either i take it?"
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PostSubject: Tourny part 2   Sun Sep 06, 2009 2:20 pm

Kurchak Icehorn strode up to the door and would step through at his appointed time, the massive white minotaur looked about the area from through the eyes of a white dragon headpiece, his capped horns fitted perfectly so he could see though the eye holes. In his hand a transparent blue double bladed axe that seemed to create a spot of frost wherever it touched the ground. The wings on his back would look as if it were part of the armor but as he loosed a roar, his wings extend to their full extent

Amai squints her eyes at the third entrant. This, she recognizes, is the moral-minded samaritan from the street. A week ago, he had tried to break up a fight between her friend and a few pirates. And who is this?? The fourth contestant, much to her bewilderment, was one of the pirates. At this point, she's extremely excited. Turning to the strange woman beside her, she says, "This is gonna be good!"

High Orc stomps in heavily behind the other compeditors, hearlded by the dinctinctive clammor of his hobnailed boots upon the floor. He is clad head to toe in a large black cloak, and bearing a massive spiked sword upon his back. At 7'2 the orc towers over the rest and bearing a dictinctive orcish scent, the cloak hid nothing about the orc save for what he was wearing beneith it. Bloodmonath momentarily casts his smouldering cromson eyes about the crowd and other gladiators, then releases a soft grunt and leans up against the nearest wall or pilliar, awaiting the start of the events.

Auryon Rivorn leaned against the back wall, she had arrived late, and had not been offered a seat by those nearest her, so she stayed to the back, watching with amusement as people filled the room. A Much younger looking girl sat a chair a few feet away from Auryon.

Lunette' Cashern’s eyes lit up when the white minotuar entered, and she shouted loudly, and proudly, the name of her intended victor, "Kurchak!!"

Ranger foxcrown steps to the door solemnly, his normal stony faced expression in evidence as he walks out through the door towards the stage. His black armor standing out in the ivory hall, with a simple but well cared for blade on one hip and a whip curled at the other he bows to the crowd before seating himself

Mika Ravencross comes running through the door, his face completly red. His hands hit the doors with a slam, his hair flying around his face "I'm here I'm Here!" His voice rumbles through the room as he trots foreward, a set of daisho blades bouncing at his side. His cloak breezes around him as he stumbles into the hall. He was cursing something of sunlight and oversleeping "Please don't tell me I'm to late. . . please please please. . ."

Maestro Domenico Angelo moved to his chair on the dais, from where he'd be helping with the judging.

Daven Knox seemed to ignore Kevin's words, his black eyes instead turning towards the door as the minotaur and the orc who entered behind. There seemed to be a brief look of concern that crosses his face, but it quickly vanished as his hands clenched into fists, knuckles turning whiter as he did so. He folds his arms across his chest as he surveys the rest of the contestants..

Maestro Domenico Angelo turns to Mika. "It'll be fine, just take your place with the other fighters."

Mika Ravencross nods, his breathing heavy. He holds up a hand in gratitude and makes his way to where the other fighters all "Ahh. . . Thank the goddess. . ."

Aveline Elden At Amai's exclamation toward her, Aveline took the chance to shout over the din... "Do you know who they are?"

Trega Merekid turns to Mika. "You have a little . . . ya know. Sparkle on your cloak."

Mika Ravencross growls at the elf, narrowing his eyes "I pray I get to face off with you, Elf. . . I still owe you for that time in Salamander's holy grounds. . ."

Amai watches closely now at the contestants entering in. She didn't recognize Daven at all, but his pale face was somehow mesmerizing, challenging. "Kurchak!!" screamed a young girl somewhere behind her. She turned for a moment to scan the crowd, then when she looked forward again, she nearly fainted. This towering blue minotaur would have to be the victor, she thought. Who could possibly outdo him? No sooner had the thought entered her mind, when High Orc walked in...

Trega Merekid had a look of mock confusion. "By smashing your face into my fist some more?"

Kurchak Icehorn turns at the sudden burst of Mika, ice blue eyes staring through the eyes of a white dragon head and snorts softly. His gaze moved to the orc who was the only one that was close to his height and looked him up and down then looked back the crowds

Renton Ravensong continued to streach, watching the other competitiors pour in. He would smile as he saw the 'people' come in but he would frown some when he saw the Minotaur and the orc come in. He shivered looking to the sheathed blade at his hip. It was small and quick but easy to have for defending. Though nothing to their weapons. He would give a shrug and adjust his hat as he pretend to shoot the crowd with a finger and a thumb. Obviously he was good to the crowd. He basically annoyed the others.

Mika Ravencross growls again, though a flash of azure came from underneath the hood of his cloak. He had replaced it while going over to the fighters "Just you wait elf. . . Just you wait. . . I'll surpass you yet"

Amai sits there, absolutely stunned. Barely processing Aveline's question, she answers, "You could say that."

Kevin Stalman looked like he had no weapons on him

Raven Everglare made a sudden motion towards the band, the lively welcoming music abuptly ending. She shot a cold glare towards Mika, as he stumbled across her stage, "Sit down.." she hissed uner her breath, clearly the woman-child wanted no room for mistakes. She looked over the crowd, and stepped foreward once again, "Welcome Citizen's of Eldarus...Before, we introduce each of your champions, I would like to remind you why we have gathered here tonight. One hundred years ago to this day, the lost city of Eldarus, was rediscovered by Lord Kenneth a'Rone, Knight Captain of the Crystal Spire.." she chanced a glance behind her, able to cearly hear the whispers of those entered in the tournment, "And today, we welcome his Great-grandsom, Lord Jaxon a'rone to take his place in the history of this fine city, and to become Regent of Eldarus. We invite him, into our beloved city, to to ensure a continued reign of peace in our city, and the surrounding kingdom."

Alex Nightraven sits quietly and watched the announcements with anticipation

Mika Ravencross takes his seat, looking over towards the announcer. It was his first time roaming through the city and he thought to himself as the woman talk that this would be much fun indeed. he rubbed his hands in anticipation.

Alex Nightraven claps for the new Regent of Eldarus

Daven Knox turns his attention to Raven as she began to speak, still looking none too amused by the ceremony and perhaps somewhat eager to begin the actual sparring. He shifts his weight from foot to foot, revealing several odd lumps in the cloak that could only be weapons hidden beneath. The most obvious was at his left side, the hilt of some sword perhaps.

Jaxon a'Rone Knight-Marshal of the Order of the Crystal Spire, His Majesty's Envoy, and Lord Regent of Eldarus entered the Ivory Hall. He was a tall, handsome, and finely dressed nobleman with long dark hair, fierce eyes and an aire of superiority. He looked over the assembled residents who had gathered to honor him as he passed, striding to the dais and taking his seat.

Auryon Rivorn snickered, crossing her arms over her chest as Mika scrambled in, apparently having missed his cue. "Oi! Kick him out!" she'd yell from somewhere behind the mass of crowd, possibly being drowned out by the cheers.

Kurchak Icehorn looked toward the speaker now and then up to the one that had been addressed as leader of the land. He gripped his axe in both hands not caring what this tournament was about he just wanted to fight and claim what was his

Mika Ravencross looks over towards the Lord Regent, his eyes widening slightly. This was obviously a man who held not only power of the people, but of mind and body as well "Interesting. . . Perhaps I've finally found a town with an intelligent lord. . . "

Raven Everglare as the cheers and claps began to subside, she began to speak once more, "Before, His lordship says a few words, we'd also like to introduce our newly arrived, Captain of the guard!, Ranger Foxcrown.." she turned, her cool eyes landing on the guard-captain, she motioned for him to stand.

Amai was beginning to regret having taken a seat so close to the arena, but that was before Jaxon walked in. Lifting her eyebrows provocatively, she whispered to Aveline. "Wow. Our new Regent is handsome."

Renton Ravensong noteing Auryon's voice he would laugh some at her comment. Then when Raven spoke he would shrug, he had only arived a couple weeks ago so none of this really mattered to him. Hiss eyes would lock on the form the the clear, "Leader". He would frown some. This guy was obviously going to bring him trouble sometime or another.

Kevin Stalman watched quietly and looked for anyone making a move to try to assassinate the two

Ranger foxcrown at the mention he stands up, still stony faced as he bows first to Raven and then to the incoming noble who would be the leader of them all.

Raven Everglare she would speak ove the applause of Rangers, "Ranger Foxcrown joins our our city's guards as the new captain, to fill, but never to replace our former, now retired Captain Mcornall.." she smiled towards the man, whom she knew was somehwere in the crowds.. "And without further adeiu, You're new Regent," she'd turn to face Jaxon, sweeping into a low formal courtsey, allowing him to take the stage.

Aveline Elden couldn't help but laugh at Amai's whispered words, nodding as if in agreement, apparently hesitant to disturb the peace of those around her for she spoke nothing more. Eyes travelling back to the man again, she couldn't help but feel a pang at seeing how proud the man was, for he reminded her of the past.

Renton Ravensong turned his eyes to that of Ranger then, letting out another low muffled laugh. Previous to Eldarus, he only had to deal with the Captain of the Guard, but here both the new Regent and the new guard would behis problems.

Daven Knox turns his attention to the man Raven motioned to, eyes narrowing slightly upon the guard as he examines him. Scowling once more, he quickly turns his gaze to his hand as he removes it from the cloak, still clenched tightly. "Guards..", he mutters quietly to himself before regaining his composure, taking the time to look over towards the last person that had entered, Mika. For being young as he was, somewhere around 16 or 17, he seemed to carry himself rather seriously and showed no fear of the other contestants.

Mika Ravencross grins softly, pulling dow his hood to reveal his handsome face, but more importantly, a large pair of fangs protruding from his wicked grin. His hands curled and uncurled at his side as he grew excited, the moment of battle coming closer. His azure eyes were flashing like crazy, as if a fire had been lit in them ::Easy Mika-chan. . . You might get a little to excited:: "Shut up wolf"

Jaxon a'Rone stood and adressed the crowd. "People of Eldarus. It is with great joy that I assume the mantle of lordship over this fair city. It is my hope . . . my belief . . . that we are at the dawning of a golden age for Eldarus. An age of prosperity. An age of peace. Raise your voices with me now, just as I pray you all raise your hearts and minds with me to create a shining future for all who call Eldarus home."

Raven Everglare shot another glare to the partipants, and moved to sit down next to her husband in the seating resvered for those of importance. She applauded, as Jaxon made his speech.

Amai was clasping her hands fervently through Jaxon's speech, and fairly jumped out of her seat at his last words, pumping her fist in the air. Of course she regained her senses immediately and sat down, though it was certain she wasn't disturbing the hundreds, maybe thousands of excited onlookers behind her.

Kevin Stalman ignored most of this noble nonscense and waited to carry on with the tournament

Auryon Rivorn remained leaning against the wall, she hadn't clapped once since arriving, instead she watched on almost good naturedly, a slight grin on her face as she watched the hundered of city folk roaring like animals for their new puppetmaster.

Lunette, on the other hand was clapping so hard her poor hands were red, she was excited, and couldn't quite sit still in her seat. She'd never attended anything like this before.

Jaxon a'Rone waited for the cheering to eventually subside. "Now. I would see some sport. Let the tournament begin." He turned to Angelo. "Maestro. If you please."

Alex Nightraven clapped with everyone else. while remaining seated waiting for the tournament excited about this training to see if it paid off in the end

Renton Ravensong pulled his hat down over his face as he tipped his chair back some, planning to get some sleep as he waited for the fighting to begin. His one leg would lift to cross one over another. Though when the noble said for the tournament to begin, he would sigh and move back into his original position.-

Kurchak Icehorn looked about the area at the cheering and gripped tightly his axe, grinning under his helm and waited for his opportunity to take on his opponent

Mika Ravencross continues his wicked grin, having only raised a tightened fist in the air as a salute to the Lord Regent ::Wait. . . You're seriously going to fight?! Let me!:: "Oh no wolf. . . This is my time for fun. . . We'll find you some sport another time." His eyes flash a strange color at the mention of the tournament begining. The whites ot his eyes turn black, the iris's bleeding a red color. Finally the pupil of his eye, the very center, turns pure white "Oh this is going to be fun. . ."

Maestro Domenico Angelo stood and stepped to the front of the dais. "The first match will be between Kevin Stalman and . . . Kurchak!"

Kevin Stalman gets up with a smirk as he makes his way to the arena

Maestro Domenico Angelo turned to the competitors. "Gentleman, please step to the center of the hall and prepare to begin."

Auryon Rivorn finally allowed herself to join voices with those who cheered as the tournment was called to a start, She'd make her way for a closer view, ignoring the grumbles of those whos view she blocked.

Kurchak Icehorn steps forward and bellows loudly, swinging his axe that was almost as big has he was and took his position, hooves scraping along the ground

Lunette Cashern cursed her lack of height, and stood from her chair like many others to peer over the top of all the heads, "You can do it Kurchak! ..Re-..remeber you're not to hurt them!" she recieved an abudnce of questionable glances at her comment, and quieted down, remembering she was but a child to these people.
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PostSubject: Re: The Ceremony & Tournment   Sun Sep 06, 2009 2:24 pm

Mika Ravencross curls his fingers together, his chin resting on the crossed fingers. His eyes follow the two contestants, as if studying them "Interesting. . . They're obviously not going to care about size. . ." ::That's a nasty looking minotaur. . . What happens if go up against him?:: "Guess we'll find out when it comes to that, eh? The only one I care about is Trega. . ." ~*You don't worry for your safety, m'lord?*~ "Not now Doryu. . ." He spoke out loud to himself, rather strange

Kevin Stalman when he reached the center of the hall he removed his cloak and swung his arm downward as six-inch talons grew from his fingers, they chimmered like steel. He then growled his opponent as he takes a feral stance. "ready when you are" he growled as he prepared himself physically and mentally.

Renton Ravensong belowed out into laughter as they annuonced the first fighters. Such a concidence, and a sad thing for the match up, unless Kevin was as confident in fighting without a weapon as he should be. He was going to get pummeled by the great snow ball.

Daven Knox gives a slight nod of acknowledgement to Kevin as he moves past towards the arena, then turning his gaze towards the minotaur. He smirks slightly, stepping a bit closer to get a good view of the fight. He cocks his head slightly at Mika who was now nearby, wondering who exactly he was speaking to. Noticing the fangs, however, he quickly averted his eyes back to the fight in thought.

Lunette Cashern frowned deeply, despite the rush of andrenline she felt. Those claws looked dangerous, then agian..she had seen what Kurchak had done to a bear, "C'mon Kurchak! You can win that land!"

Kevin Stalman stands ready waiting for Kurchak to make a move

Alex Nightraven watches the fight unsure about this Kevin fellow with weird like weapons

[Maestro Domenico Angelo] Fighters ready? Begin!

Kurchak Icehorn looked at his combatant and snorted, again at the claws, preparing to attack. He ran forward at him raising the axe and swinging down at Kevin with sheer power aiming for his right shoulder

Svenia hurried down the street to the hall, running late and hoping that no one yet needed a healer. One of the children in the orphanage the Temple ran had fallen ill, and she had been prevailed upon to care for the young girl. With Lidda resting peacefully, Svenia was free. Slipping inside the Ivory Hall, she wove her way through the crowed, heading towards the small room at the back that had been set up with a few cots and mediecal supplies. As the small elf took off her white cloak and hung it on the wall out of the way, she peeked out the door to see what was going on.

Renton Ravensong looked on with ruby eyes would look to the the two fighters. He would give yawn and pull his hat over his face, tipping back and relaxing again. He would try to fall asleep though it wouldn't work well. Eventually though he would fall into a very light sleep.

Mika Ravencross shakes his head, closing his eyes "This fight is already decided. . ." ::What?! Are you kidding?! That Minotaur is massive!:: ~*Silence wolf. . . Don't you see? The Minotaur is just a beast. . . And a beast can never overcome a man. . . Isn't that why you're stuck in Lord Ravencross's mind?*~ ::Oh that's it you demon bastard!:: Mika suddenly grasps his head growling "Knock it off you two!"

Kevin Stalman with swift motion to the left he spins around and slashes at his left side with a left swipe in the same motion

Ranger foxcrown eyes mika with interest as he seems to be arguing with himself. He pulls a pipe out of the pocket sewn into his cloak and fills it with tabacco, lighting it as he watches the first fight in a contemplative manner, studying all he can of the others fighting

Kurchak Icehorn twisted to roll with the inertia of his swing and tumbled to his hooves, axe in one hand, and outstretched for balance as he crouched on the ground and snorted before he charged again this time sweeping the axe upward toward his side

Mika Ravencross suddenly gazes intently at the Stalman man, his eyes going wide "That's why. . ." ::Stop talking in ridd- Oh. . . I see it now. . .You must be very intrigued, Mika. Another one. . . :: Mika began to lick his teeth very slowly, his fangs flashing in the light "Forget the elf. . ."

Svenia checked to see that everything was in order before stepping out to watch the procedings, ready to run back to the room should her healing touch be needed. Sweeping a loose strand of her long brown hair from her eyes, she looked down into the arena, watching the fight, taking note that one of the contestants was the very minatour she had seen in the ruins a few days before.

Renton Ravensong really was quite unwise for not watching the fight and observing the fight. Instead he arrogantly slept, but whatever crossed his mind it must have been a dream. He was still in a light sleep despite the roaring crowd and even louder Minotaur.

Kevin Stalman leaps up and lands on the axe and uses it to leap over Kurchak to attack him in the shoulders.

Kurchak Icehorn keeps moving but keeps the movement up turning to face Kevin as he came down to strike at him, keeping his forward, now backward momentum up to try and catch in the the hook of the axe to try and throw him to the ground with it

Lunette Cashern continued to cheer on Kurchak, her voice becomming devoured by the roar of the crowds.

Auryon Rivorn had managed to squeeze herself upfront, and against almost close enough to, if she should chose so..leap the small barracade that seperated the combatants from the crowds, she grinned, watching the two go at it.

Mika Ravencross rises to his feet suddenly, throwing his fist in the air "Stalman! Finish this fool so that I can take you down myself!" He threw out an aura he knew only a being like Kevin Stalman would sense, his eyes flashing like fire once more

Kevin Stalman with his momentum he uses his claws to spin around the axe to kick Kurchak in chest then kick off to land on his feet again waiting for Kurchak's next move as he smirks.

Amai hugs her knees up to her chest, squeezing them tighter each time the great minotaur strikes.

Daven Knox carefully watches the movements of the two as they fight, giving a slight smirk at the rather clever manuvering of the minotaur. Upon hearing Mika, he looks briefly over to him with some degree of annoyance before turning his attention back to the fight.

Renton Ravensong gave a streach as he slept on, a loud snore being heard from under his hat. He shifted a bit more with each snore, whoever was next to him would be slightly annoyed.

Svenia glanced over at Mika as he bellowed, frowing lightly and shaking her head. She'd never understand such bloodthirsty individuals, the need to fight and spill blood. The priestess let her hand reach up, clasping around the mediallion of Aurinia, gaining comfort from the simple metal piece.

Kevin Stalman waits for Kurchak "shall we continue?"

Kurchak Icehorn staggers back and slams his axe in the ground to keep from falling over, the ground instantly fosting over and yanked it back up once he stopped his movement and looked at the figure before him. He hefted his axe and looked at the blade noticing the scratches shifting an angered glare at the combatant and roars moving with a sudden burst of speed but instead of the axe he brings down a massive fist toward Kevin's chest, putting the axe in his left down toward the head and swung it around and down at his feet

Kevin Stalman with anticipation of the attack kevin forces his vampiric speed to pre-empt the attack pushing down on his fist using strike to move up and over him spins around slashing in an x down his back

Mika Ravencross watches in anticipation, his body shaking with excitement ::Easy Mika. . . You're going to put yourself into sensory overload. Have you got a fix on his clan yet?:: "Yeah. . . If I'm right he's got the eye somewhere on his body. . . I'll find it and expose it. . ." ~*They'll never have let him go off on his own. . . Do you think he's. . . A sab-*~ "Enough! Be silent and watch the fight. . ."

Auryon Rivorn in a good postion to see, and be heard, she leaned foreward on the barricade, "C'mon, we ain't standin' around to see you swing poltely at one another!"

Amai looks back and forth from Mika to Kevin. Though she knows little of vampires, instinctively she realizes the two are of the same heart. Although perhaps 'heart' isn't the right word...

Kevin Stalman as he lands he spins around to go for a disarm to force Kurchak to surrender

Kurchak Icehorn rolls and tumbles having felt the claws on the back of his armor. He tests his wings and growls and looks at Kevin, turning as he tried to disarm him but kept his grip on the axe and pushed back with almost equal force trying to drive him down to the ground

Maestro Domenico Angelo put his hands in the air, his voice cutting sharply through the cheering. "HOLD!!"

Mika Ravencross growls, his eyes instantly locking on Maestro, the strangely colord orbs starting to burn like fire once again

Kevin Stalman with his off hand he stops the on coming attack with all his vampiric strength he can muster

Kevin Stalman the claws go away and he then moves his hand to shake Kurchak "that was fun thanks

Lunette Cashern gasped as Kurchak tumbled, she looked around angered at the cheers, and shouts as Kurchak was lunged at, her eyes wide.

Kurchak Icehorn keeps his focus on the man though he heard the call to hold he kept pressing until the man suddenly stepped back and blinked confused as to what had just happened

Jaxon a'Rone looked over at Angelo, nodding his agreement.

Kevin Stalman turns to face Maestro

Ranger foxcrown taps out the pipe tucking it back into the cloak as he awaits the verdict of the first bout

Maestro Domenico Angelo recieved the signal from His Lordship. "The winner . . ."

Renton Ravensong gave another loud snore, not even knowing the match was over yet. He just slept peacefully.

Amai leans forward in her seat, fear giving way to anticipation.

[Maestro Domenico Angelo] "Kevin Stalman!"

Svenia headed back to the first aid room, in case either of the contestants needed any medical attention.

Kevin Stalman sighs

Lunette Cashern frowned, "Kurchak was much.. much..better than he was..." she looked to the person at her left, t hough she could see that they clearly disagreed with her. "Good job Kurchak! You did very well!" she was trying to shout over the roar of the crowd, hoping her friend would hear.

Barten The Unconquerable steps through the door of the Ivory Hall, his massive frame seeming to barely fit as he moves deciededly towards an onoccoupied corner, his carved club leaning against one huge, leather-armored shoulder

Kevin Stalman grabs his cloak and glares at Mika

Kurchak Icehorn growls glaring at the man not thinking that this was fair and bellowed his rage and slammed the axe down in the ground once more "Not little man win!!!!"

Auryon Rivorn snickered, "About time.." she muttered, as the winner was announced. She watched as the Kevin sent a glare towards Mika, her eyes moving from Mika, over the others, having not been able to put a face to many of the names on the list.

Amai placed her hand over her heart, her natural bleeding heart instantly feeling for Kurchak. This great beast must have lost his concentration while going into berserker mode. She claps for the two contestants, with feeling.

Mika Ravencross raises a fist and roars in approval, sounding more like a rabid wolf than a Human "Yes yes yes!" ::Well damn. . . I didn't think that punk could do it. . .:: "Fenrir. . . He's. . ." He stops, his eyes locking with Stalman

Maestro Domenico Angelo looked to the competitors. "Should you require treatment for any wounds, please proceed to the medic's area. The next match will be between Renton Ravensong and . . . Trega Merekid!"

Barten The Unconquerable turns and leans into his newly-chosen corner, his club similarly leaned against his thigh as he crosses his arms and looks silently out over the commotion

Kurchak Icehorn hefted his axe and ran at Kevin, the stealer of his vicotry and swung down at him in rage

Kevin Stalman walks back to his spot at the back

Renton Ravensong jerked some as he heard his name. His chair tipping back too much as he fell on his head with a clatter. His hat falling off his face. "Wha.....?"

Trega Merekid shook his head as he stood from his chair. "Poor kid . . ." he strolled toward the center of the hall.

Mika Ravencross grins softly and slaps Trega on the back as he passes by "Lose and I'll never let you live it down"

Lunette Cashern nearly toppled out of her chair as Kurchak reacted badly to his loss, "Stop! Kurchak!!! Kurchak!!" she screamed, trying to run through the crowd. She was held back before she cfould reach the barracade, "Kurchak don't hurt anyone!"

Daven Knox overs a nod of recognition to Kevin, then turning his attention towards the clearly angry minotaur. His hands rested at his sides, once more hidden within the folds of the cloak he wore. Upon hearing the new names, however, he looks over his shoulder at Trega who began to move foward..Then towards the man that had fallen from his chair.

Kevin Stalman gets nailed by the attack as he goes flying into the wall. as a large growl can be heard. when he pulls himself out his eyes are glowing red and the talons reform "I showed you good sportsmanship...then you attack me from behind like a Coward!!! do you really want to die???""

High Orc yawns and snorts, reaching a gauntlet-clad hand up into the hood of his cloack to scratch an itch on the back of his neck. "One down..." The orc speaks to no one imparticular, and he leans back to relax again. However, something catches his attentiion, even moreso then the raging minotaur, a scent on the air, one he had smelled before. He couldn't quite place it at the moment, but it perked his interest, causing the massive green warrior to gaze about the arena with curious eyes.

Auryon Rivorn grinned as she heard next two names, "This should end quickly," she yelled, likely loud enough for Trega and Renton to hear.

Kurchak Icehorn points at Kevin "I kill you!! You steal win! Little man not win!!!"

Jaxon a'Rone stood and shouted, his voice echoing through the hall. "HALT!!!"

[Jaxon a'Rone] "I'll have my guards put you both to the spear if this doesn't end. NOW!"
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Renton Ravensong grabbed his hat as he stood to his feet, dusting himself off. He would set his hat on as he moved to that of arena, not even paying attention to that of mad Minotaur. His body would come to the middle as he looked to Trega. "Hey old man, it's been awhile, huh?"

Ranger foxcrown stands alert lest he was indeed called upon to intervene wiht the raging minotaur

Svenia gasped as she turned around at the commotion in time to see the minatour strike the man from behind, pushing through the crowd to run to the arena to see if he was alright, her gaze drifting over the next to contestants.

Kevin Stalman his eyes stop glowing but keeps his gaurd up "what's done is done M'lord. i am finished" puts his claws away

Mika Ravencross shakes his head, chuckling softly "Foolish bull. . . Challenging him. . ." ::Mika. . . What are you planning. . . I can hear your thoughts. He's not going to be able to tell you where he is.:: "I don't care. Even if he doesn't. . . He can be a good ally"

Lunette Cashern finally found her way around the crowd, and bravely made way onto the stage, running towards Kurchak as he bellowed, "Please! he doesn't understand!" she found herself infront of Jaxon, tears in theyoung girls eyes, "please..let him..fight again.. later.. anothe ritme..?"

Kurchak Icehorn looks to Jaxon infuriated "You not master! I not yours!" he fixated his gaze on Kevin "I kill you... win!!"

[Kevin Stalman] then try

Mika Ravencross shakes his head, closing his eyes "Just an animal. . . A far cry from a sophisticate man like yourself, eh Fenrir?" A shadow suddenly appears behind Mika, taking the shape of a werewolf ::Aye. . . It's just a beast::

Barten The Unconquerable levels his gaze on the angry minotaur, absolutely expressionless as he seems to simlutaniously take in the whole scene, and yet be completely oblvious to his surroundings.

Jaxon a'Rone looks the minitaur in the eyes. "You will kill no one in my city. Control yourself, or be gone from here. Your other option is a swift exectution."

Kevin Stalman stands there waiting for the attack

Jaxon a'Rone snaps a finger and several armed guards start moving into positions.

Kurchak Icehorn growls, a cold fire crackling in his eyes "I wait..." he points "Never leave home...." he turns and storms out of the arena

[Kevin Stalman] the earth is my home i'm always home

Lunette Cashern hadn't expected to be heard or even regarded by Jaxon, but she ran to follow Kurchak, grasping his giant arm bravely. "It wasn't fair Kurchak.. We'll..we'll make it right soon.." she'd exit with him.

Jaxon a'Rone returns to his seat. "Get on with my tournament."

Amai sits there, jaw hanging open.

Maestro Domenico Angelo adressed the two fighters who were up now. "Gentlemen. Begin."

Mika Ravencross turns sharply, facing Stalman as he heard his final comment, finally completly realizing what he is exactly "Yes. . . He's the one I want"

Svenia stopped at the barracades blocking the arena, watching as Kurchak left the arena. Ducking under the barracade, the elven priestess made her way to Kevin's side. "Do you need any medical attention, sir?" she asked, tilting her head to look up at him.

Trega Merekid took a deep breath, sighing on the exhale and drew his sword slowly.

Auryon Rivorn had watched as the girl and the beast began to leave, and shook her head fixing her gaze back on Renton and Trega, "Some of us are here to see a fight, not a ballroom dance.." she eyed Trega as he began to draw his sword.

Kevin Stalman i'm fine as he shows his back with not a scratch

Renton Ravensong blinked a couple times as he looked around. "Beginning already?" He would shake his head as he looked to Trega. He would drawn his own blade slowly with a shiver as he was still a bit groggy. "Alright...lets get this over with, eh?"

Svenia nodded and quickly walked back out of the arena, staying near the front to watch the upcoming battle.

Trega Merekid advanced with a slight stomp, his blade flicking to beat Renton's point offline, followed instantly with a cut at the man's chin. The action was little more than a flick of the wrist and was lightning quick.

Mika Ravencross cups his hands to his lips, calling out to the fighters "Come on now, Trega. Finish it with some super-natural speed"

Renton Ravensong saw the movments and blinked a couple times, when the flick of the rist happened he would catch the blade int he chin, but to due to a slight step back, there was a slight cut on his chin. He would lift his sword thrusting it out with more grace then ever shown in the past. This attack was directed at Trega's lower left abdomen.

Trega Merekid twisted his wrist over, bringing his blade across his body, point toward the floor in a wall of steel that drove Renton's blade to his outside line. In the same motion he stepped in, grabbing for Renton's wrist. Upon catching it, he'd glide his sword off of his opponents and bring it down, pommel first at the side of Renton's head. The move looked almost a dance.

Barten The Unconquerable turns his head slightly, seeming to pay more attention to Trega, but only just. Were no one paying close attention, it would seem that he hadn't moved at all.

Amai wiggles her toes back and forth, watching the two ladies' men battle it out.

Koh was late, that was for sure but to him it was better late than never. Entering the room in a hush-hush type manner to avoid any attention that might have been drawn his way. Though it was an unnecesarry procaution as most had their attention turned to the battle that waged on. Quickly finding an open place to view the fight from. Unaware he had missed the first fight.

Mika Ravencross grins softly, his eyes flashing "This fight is all wrong. . . We need a red head"

Daven Knox calmly watches the two as they begin, black eyes cold and calculating as he takes note of their movements. He still stood quite out of place as a human only the age of 16 or 17, though his features would place him a year or two younger than that, albiet still somewhat handsome. His weight shifts from foot to foot, clearly eager for his own chance to fight.

Katsa Whiteblade slipped in through the back and took up a position where she could see some of the combat. She didn't want to make too much of a disturbance and stayed quiet, not bothering to look for a seat
Renton Ravensong with his wrist snared, lifted his foot to touch to the man's chest, with slight twinge of pain as he was not used to the bending. But when his head was smashed with the pommel he would fall back only to push his foot off Trega's ches only pushing him slightly. This gave him more balance as he landed back to Trega. He would then grasp the mans wrist as he had his own. His hilt would spin around in his hand so it was facing outward, he would then thrust it back to his upper left chest. He did have a hold on the man however.
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High Orc 's burning red gaze crept across the arena, only breifly halting to watch the intricate dance of swordplay being put on by the two men in the middle, no his eyes would continue around untill he gazed taht which he had suspected: the massive figure of Barten. A sly grin crept involuntarily across the orc's stern face, though it would be scarecly visible within the confines of his hood. "Well looks like we gots areselves a real fight 'ere after all..." The orc spoke to no one imparticular. ".. but what do ye want to bet that he ain't entered in this 'ere tournament." The orc finished speaking to himself and, vindicated upon his suspicion, turned his attention back to the fight.

Trega Merekid slipped his sword up under the incoming thrust, turning it just over his shoulder. With a twist of his wrist, he would Renton's blade between his own blade and his quillon. With thier wrists locked, Trega grinned and pulled the younger pirate toward himself, throwing a vicious headbutt at him.

Renton Ravensong being locked in place he would catch the headbutt, letting out a slight yelp. "Owwwwww!" He would then move his right foot back to go between his legs and behind his own right foot. He would throw his weight back and pull his foot foreward, in turn tripping the 'enemy'. His left arm bending at the elbow then pushing back furiously into the mans stomach. While they did all this, they should have been falling back. Though Renton would be falling on Trega. The elbow was aimed to knock the wind from him.

Auryon Rivorn remained against the barricade, watching a they both seemed to begin to tumble downward, "Oi, I knew there was somthin' strange about the both of you..."

Trega Merekid rolled back with him, releasing Rentons blade. He twisted his wrist free as they went over. "Oooof!!" Trega grunted as the elbow crushed his stomach. He clamped his hand down on Renton's left shoulder, coughing as they hit the floor. He hooked his right arm around, putting the blade right to Renton's neck, holding on. "Drop it!"

Ferrus Orhimmel placidly moved into the hall, his staff jarring a rhythm against the stones. The wizard-alchemist was not the greatest fan of fighting, nor of displays of fighting, but he knew it would seem in poor taste for him to not be there. Besides, it gave him ample opportunity to covertly distribute fliars. He had a nearly captive audience of people with pockets he could jam notices of his night-spot's grand opening into. It was like reverse pick-pocketing. Of course, he chatted people up; promoted it; talked it up. It was only logical, however, to take advantage of what was an interesting fight by sneaking slightly less interesting slips of paper their way.

Mika Ravencross claps loudly, idly lounging in his chair "And the crowd is not surprised.

. ." Auryon Rivorn grinned, Mika's words reaching her ears, "Nor are we entertained.." she chimed in, from behind the blockaide.
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Renton Ravensong blinked a few times as he found the blade to his neck. He would nte that his sword was free. He would turn it slightly so the tip touched his jugular. While he did this his eyes came to a close. "Hmmm...The best man loses in grace so...." He would raise his sword straight in the air. "Ref! I'm dropping out of the matches!" He would stick his tongue out. "There is no need for blood today, old man...seems your as limber as ever."

Kevin Stalman sighs wow i remember back when the roman gladiators were this boring...they were executed for wasting the emperior's time

Ferrus Orhimmel eventually took a moment between stumping his bar to watch the match, or its very end. He could hear people's critiquing well enough, and looked at the two men.

[Ferrus Orhimmel] It's over? Hmm... Quick enough, I guess.

Mika Ravencross chuckles softly, closing his eyes "I told you. . . It should have been a battle for a red head."

Trega Merekid shoved Renton off himself and stood. "Good choice, boy." He walked back to his seat, commenting to Mika, "I'd have just shot him for that."

Svenia shakes her head and weaves through the crowd to the medic room, deciding to wait in there for any patients. She found that battling for sport left her with a sour taste, and she would be all too glad when this tournament was done.

Kevin Stalman chuckles with Mika "at least it would be entertaining:

Mika Ravencross laughs softly, his fangs flashing, eyes burning with delight "Ah yes, of course. . ."

Maestro Domenico Angelo raises his hand. "The winner is Mr. Merekid!"

Barten The Unconquerable turns his head ever so slightly in the direction of Stalman, his eyes scanning the man carefully before moving back towards the ending combat, his gaze again settled so quickly that, had no-one been watching, no one would have noticed

[Trega Merekid] "Commodore!"

Freyja Wolfsdotter was in the crowds, though unseen by most. She was watching the fights, keeping track of the losers and winers, as she was in charge of the wagers. Looking up at hearing tht the newst comer to the tournament was out already 'Really? But would have sworn that Trega was decreed not to win. Still its not totally over with" Looking up hearing a familiar voice near hr, she turned towards Ferrus with a smirk. "Evening m'lord Orhimmel"

Auryon Rivorn “Egostic bastard! “she called out as if correcting trega on his own title , she sent a wink his way, grunting a little as she was pushed a bit by the crowd against one of the barricades.

[Maestro Domenico Angelo] "The next match will be Mika Ravencross and . . . High Orc!"

Renton Ravensong stood dusting himself off as he looked around the crowd with a nod. " seems you guys didn't like that...ah well...sorry I'm not a wild Minotaur." He would wave his arms through the air to the crowd. When he moved back to the seats. Winking to Mika. " that red head the loud mouth in the front? If so...I have to agree with the old man. I'd be using my gun aswell....nothing wrong with flying bullets."

Mika Ravencross sighs heavily and stands up, patting the blades on his hips "Well. . . Damn. . ." ::Ahahaha! You got stuck with the Orc! Ahahahaha!!:: Mika sighs heavily and makes his way towards the arena

Barten The Unconquerable raises an eyebrow slightly at the mention of High Orc, the only adjustment to his posture that has remained presently for any period of time

Amai claps heartily for the two pirates. The same group of women who cheered Renton before continue to cheer, though she could swear she heard weeping mixed in.

Kelandros couldn't help but shout "Well this fight will be short, the Orc has the attention span of a snail!" at the announcement of orc

Renton Ravensong lifted his finger to see that blood was dripping from his chin. "Ah.." He would stroll over to the doors that lead to the medical room. Pushing the door open as he adjusted his hat and moved into the room. Looking about for someone to get rid of the cut.

Aerin Silverwin remains tucked into his brown traveling cloak as keeps gaze on the events that have been unfolding.

Ferrus Orhimmel nodded to Freyja, his golden death mask keeping his features well obscured. "I'm no lord. A wizard of my Order gets rich in money, and never in titles." He winked, though his lapis lazuli eyes were hard to make out in the night, hooded as they were beneath his all-concealing mask.

High Orc perks a black brow and saunters out to the center of the ring in a casual manor, where he proceeds to flick off the hood of his cloak, revealing a long black mane that with lighter strands that hinted of either greys creeping in or excess dirt from the road, on the often unbathed orc, it was impossible to tell from any distance. The massive sword on his back remains untouched and instead the orc reaches within the confine of his cloak and removes a stout broadsword of about 4 feet in length, though the orc weilded it much like a dagger. Resting this weapon the orc waits in the center of the ring with a nonchallant look on his face. "ARG, let's be gettin this over with" The orc speaks halfway under his breath and punctuates his sentence by leaning his neck in both directions, resulting in two loud cracks.

Amai hears Kel's voice above the din somehow and stands up in alarm. "Hey! Over here!" She waves her arms and gestures for him to come sit by her.

Svenia glanced up from where she had just perched on a stool. Seeing one of the men who had just fought, she smiled and slid from her spot. "Just take a seat here for a moment," she told him, motioning towards an empty cot, moving to a table set along the wall and grabbing a wet cloth to wipe away the blood and see how deep the cut was, though as he had come here on his own, it couldn't have been deep.

Koh was glad that he had decided to show up for the tournament. Scratching the back of his neck he watched the two new warriors make their way to the arena. Seeing this orc in battle would prove to be most interesting.

Auryon Rivorn laughed hard as the next names were called, "Mika, love, I hope you..fed before you came..You might not get another chance."

[Maestro Domenico Angelo] "Fighters . . . Begin!"

Mika Ravencross smirks softly, his eyes flashing "Agreed!" He whirls his cloak around his arm and tosses it to the side, revealing that strange black material he always had on. The fire was lit in his eyes again "A different blade. . . You're not taking me seriously then? Well fine. . ." He draws the shorter of his blades, the wakizashi "Ladies first!"

Kelandros made his way, with the aide of some pushing and shoving, along the barricades to Amai's location "I miss anything important?"

Freyja Wolfsdotter waved Ferrus towards her as she watched the fight begin. She knew there was atleast one person betting on each of the contestants. This one she had to keep an eye on "Well then Mister Orhmillel. You're welcome to join me. Just no distracting me till its over"

High Orc spits on the ground and raises the blade to his shoulder, opening up his cloack and revealing the steel breastplate that wrapped his torso in two pieces of metal tightened at the waist, as well as the gauntlets of a purplish hue that he wore on his hands. The orc moves in with moderate speed and aims a simple but true downward slash at Mika's centerline from the weapon on his right shoulder, at nearly the maximumrange of the weapon.

Daven Knox cocks a brow as the orc and the strange man prepared to fight, wondering about all the rather..unique..individuals in this town. His face soon returned to the typical scowling, clearly annoyed that he hadn't been called yet. Arms once more fold across his chest beneath his cloak, watching the two carefully.

Amai yells with her tiny voice into Kel's ear. "Nothing as important as this! And I wouldn't speak badly of the Orc if I were you!"

Renton Ravensong smiled to that of the healer as he gave her a wink, sitting down as told. "So your the one going to be patching my up today? It's not a bad cut, but it'd be annoying for the ball." He would smile to her as she looked to the wound. "Maybe if you kissed it better, no?"

Kelandros snickered Why start speaking highly of him now? I'm betting against him

Amai widens her eyes incredulously, then turns her eyes to the battle at hand.

Ferrus Orhimmel never gambled; he was not a man of chances. He worked on assurances. Yes, it made him boring, and he tried to fight against it by doing things that lacked such logical flow, but in the end, he was a man ruled by order. Even a little bit of chaos in his life was too big of a thing to truly contemplate, unless he had a way of pushing back; of ridding himself of it. "Ah. Well, then. I suppose I can for a minute." He handed her a pamphlet about The Golden Lantern before he sat down, and shoved another one through the ties of her bodice for good measure, before turning back to look at the fight.

Mika Ravencross raises a brow, the wakizashi resting on his shoulder "Really?" He side steps the orcs assault to the left, twirling his blade up "That armor will be a pain. . . " He spins his blade around so that the back of it aimed for the Orc's elbow "You're big, and I assume intelligent if your as old as your aura states. . . But no orc will ever defile my name."

Barten The Unconquerable watches the early maneuvers of the battle intently, his eagerness almost entirely hidden, save for his single raised eybrow and his slightly loosened grip in one hand

Svenia blushed hotly, wringing out the cloth so that it wouldn't drip as she wiped away the blood. "I'll let some other lady take care of that part," she informed him, her fingers glowing with a healing blue light as she touching the wound, the ends knitting together and leaving only a paper thin scar. "Any other wounds that need care?" she asked politely.

Renton Ravensong smirked as he crossed his arms and shook his head. He would adjust his hat looking her over for a moment or two. " got someone to go to the ball with?" He would give her a kind smile brushing some bronze hair from his forehead.

Freyja Wolfsdotter looked the pamphlet that was handed to her, chuckling softly at some of the things he had written "Told ye not to distract me" Glancing towards him as she took the one outof her bodice. "You make me lose track of the battles and you're paying with your own money sir"
High Orc falls forward face first using the momentum of his slash, casuing Mika's slice at his elbow to pass harmlessly overtop of the orc's shoulder. Bloodmonath halts himself in position not unlike a football players three point stance, and taking advantage of his now crouched position, drives forward, directing his 450 lbs of mass into a shoulder tackle at the exposed ribcage and armpit beneith the slashing wakizashi.

Mika Ravencross growls and spins his body towards the Orc as he jumps in the air, causing him to hit the Orc's oncoming charge with an opposite spin, sending him gracefully to the opposite side of the charge "Well now. . . You really are one for straight foreward attacks. I must admit though, that armor hurts the back." He rubs his side softly, slightly bruised. He waists no more time and draws his Katana, rushing at the Orc's back, slashing with both blades at the Orc's legs in an X

Ferrus Orhimmel regarded her and shrugged slightly, murmuring, "Not as if I couldn't cover your debts and everyone else in this place." He sounded sullen beneath the mask, his voice echoing dully. Either way, he sat with a bit of a slump and watched.

High Orc had continued forwards with the motion his tackle/charge as soon as he had become aware of his opponent not being in front of him, and simply follows through with a commando style roll, taking him well out of the range of Mika's blades before the the man would be able to draw another weapon and attack his back. Finishing in a crouched position, now facing Mika and a few feet away, the orc would stand nearly upright and wave the man onwards with his gauntlet-clad free hand. "Yer up whelp, an' try an get a little closer this time, methinks I be in need o' a shave'"

Mika Ravencross chuckles softly, twirling his oriental blades slowly "Interesting. . . I was hoping to fish a little bit of banter out of you. And watch who you're calling a whelp. . . I atleast survived the timestream on my own. . . Seems like you, however, just couldn't stand up on your own two feet. I can smell it on you. . . You don't belong in this era. Allow me to fix that." He grins, displaying his vampiric fangs as he twirls his wakizashi into an earth style grip "Come on then. . ."

Freyja Wolfsdotter turned nd looked at Ferrus with her eyes, her head still watching the combat in front of her. Her hand reaching out to draw a mark on the back of his hand, similiar to the one she put on Svenia wrist. It glowed for a second before fading away. "You'll need your money for your business"

Barten The Unconquerable makes his first serious movement since entering by uncrossing his arms, reaching in to a (relatively) small bag tied to his belt, and pulling out a full, brazed leg of lamb, which he begins to eat loudly as he watches the battle befoe him.

High Orc chuckles and grin a braod toothy orcish grin, in a curious motion, the orc flips his broadsword in his right hand so he is now gripping it safely by the bladed end in his armored grip with the hilt and crossguard at the end one would normally attack with, and raising his left fist much the way that a boxer might in a fight the orc moves in to close the distance between himself and Mika. Bloodmonath aims another downwards slash, this time with the hilt end at Mika's shoulder, aiming to hit with the blade just below the hilt and crossguard.

Mika Ravencross sighs and brings up his Katana to block his blade. At this range it was quite clear to see the thick black blade, much thicker than a normal katana "I've had enough of this idle fighting. Either take me seriously or die." He brings the wakizashi foreward in an incredible blurr, aiming to cleave the orcs raised fist in half

Svenia felt her blush deepen, and she shook her head. "Oh, er, no, not really. I wasn't planning on going with a date." she informed him, bringing the blood stained cloth back to the table and setting it down.
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Renton Ravensong gave a nod and a shrug as he stood adjusting his coat and moving up next to her. "Ah...that's a shame...I needed someone to go with...but if your sure you want to go alone." He would give a shrug, a hidden smile on his lips as he gazed out to the clater of the current battlers.

Svenia smiled and inclined her head to him. "If you like, I will be sure to save a dance for you," she promised him, her cheeks still tinged pink. "And it looks like your all set."

Smitty sits in the back, resting his shield on the ground beside him.

High Orc grinned his toothy orcish grin as the blades collided with a audible crash, sending sparks scattering throughout the area, followed by an equally fantastic crash as his wakizashit collided with the orcs purple gauntlet. The curious property of arcanite was that it nullified, at least temporarily the effects of any magic within about a 5 feet of it, coupled with the fact that it was nearly as hard as diamond, amde it a perfect sheild to defelct any incoming attacks at the orcs head, although he would feel the impact from taht one later, the orc didnt' fret about it. Using the crossguard of the sword that Mika had convienently blocked, the orc pulls to the outisde, hooking and yanking on Mika's katana as he does so. With the inside relitively clear the orc wastes no time in again driving forward, this time aiming a knee at Mika's solar plexus with enough for to knock a normal man's sternum out his back.

Renton Ravensong smirked a bit as he tapped his chin looking back to the girl. "Ah...well I'll be sure to make sure that dance happens, eh?" He would give her a wink and then take a bow. "Renton Ravensong, pirate extrodinare, at your serves."

Svenia dipped a curtsy, spreading out the skirts of her white robes. "Svenia Veridir, priestess of Aurinia," she introduced herself, smiling. "You did well in the fight."

Ferrus Orhimmel shrugged at Freyja's words, nodding just barely. "Perhaps. I suppose I still have a few things I have to sort out with the law and the town before I can open a functional night spot. I have to find a way to steadily stock alcohol; to find wait-staff; to find... ah... other things of various natures my clients might need." Ferrus shrugged again, clutching his lead and gold staff. "But things are sliding in to place. Less than a week, I believe, if not imminently. Hence getting the word out."

Mika Ravencross growls softly and tightens his torso, taking the full hit of the knee, moving back a few inches but other than that showing no signs of pain "You take my Katana. . . That's a sin. . . Feel the wrath of it's brother. Oh. . . and that silly little armor won't do anything. . ." He pushes foreward with his wakizashit, the blade starting to cleave through the Orc's armor. He takes the oppertunity to aim a knife hand strike at the orc's eyes, sharp nails extended.

Freyja Wolfsdotter watched the act before her, glancing to Ferrus now and then. She was glad Svenia had agreed to take up her healing slack during this social gathering "Anything you need help with? I do have that contact that gets me my supplies as well"

Renton Ravensong smiled rubbing the back of her head as he looked over her white robes. "Ah....a priestess...I suppose that means you don't like all this fighting?" He would smile as he crossed his arms. His eyes turning up to the ceiling. " wasn't that good, I did-- Well I didn't lose, but I forfeited. Either way I lost in one way or another. Only because I didn't think blood shed was on the rule book."

Alex Nightraven watches the fight intencly ready and studying their fighting style

Kevin Stalman watches but yawns in boredom

Svenia nodded, glancing out the door, hearing the sounds of the fight. "I watched the first two fights, and that was all I can stomach. I understand the need to fight when it comes to life and death, but for sport?" she shook her head, tucking a strand of her brown hair behind her delicatly pointed ear. "Such bloodthirst, from the contestants and the crowd, is something I don't understand."

Smitty yawns and stretches his arms, noticing the fight before him draw on without being able to discern who has the advantage. Clinking a few coins in his hand, he peers about the room seeking someone to match wagers with him on the victor.

Kelandros was getting rather bored now "Hey orc would you hurry up and loose for me already!"

Amai slaps Kel lightly on the arm, chastising him. "He's gonna come after you next if you keep talking like that!"

High Orc had not expected to disarm the man, but did not have time to be pleased with the results of his attack as a set of sharp claws repidly approached his eyes, intense reflexes saved the left orc from being gouged out entirely however the claws ripped a decent gash in and around the socket, and would leave that side blind from both the blood and damage for some time, pending a healers attention. The orc wasted no time though, he allowed the man to cut into his sideplate a little, it kept the arm tied up which was all the orc needed, and now with the arm Mika had neglected in order to stab the orcs face, Bloodmonath brought taht hand up to attempt to secure a grip on the side of Mika's face, with his thumb moving dangerously in towards the eyesocket. "ARg me boy, now'd be a good time for ye to be givin' up, afore I ahve to get as serious as ye mentioned."

Renton Ravensong noted her pointed ear as he turned his eyes to her own as he touched his hand to her hair gently. Brushing a bit of it ever so slightly. "Your a...elf?" He would smile giving a wink. "Hmm...well that's why they established the rules. While, fighting is bad...those who can fight wish to fight it gives them joy. The spectaters like it for the same reason, to see it as a dance rather than a fight...when the rules keep people from is a complete joy to most, so it is made perfectly fine. But I understand why you wouldn't like it." He would give a smile. This was one of the brightest things Renton has said or done all day.

Ferrus Orhimmel nodded in thanks to Freyja, and kricked his neck one way and then the other before leaning back in his seat to watch the fight.

Daven Knox rouses from his trance-like state, managing to break his gaze away from the fight to look up towards the large crowd through black strands of hair. He grumbles beneath his breath as his eyes came to rest upon the man that was judging, wondering just why exactly he had been left for last. The young boy then turned his attention back to the two in the center. He stood quite out of place, being only 17 or so and from what could be seen he was clearly human.

Svenia blushed deeper as he brushed her hair gently, unused to such contact. She took a half step back, looking away from him momentarily. "I suppose that makes sense, but I dislike such needless violence." she shrugged, turning to the table and folding some clothes and bandages that were scattered across it.

Kelandros grinned at Amai "you say that like it is a bad thing"

Mika Ravencross pushes off with his wakizashi, whirling out of the way of the Orc's massive hand. He moves to the Orc's back using the momentum from his sword, ducking down to pick up his katana and swings upwards with both blades, aiming for the entire back of the orcs body. User Gabryyl Qinn'Matha has logged out. Smitty watches a man flirty casually with an...elf? Though beautiful, Smitty is unaccustomed to seeing anyone fraternize with elves. In his hometown, it was uncouth to be interested in elves in that way, though he is unsure why. Maestro Domenico Angelo threw his hands in the air shouting, "HOLD!"

Amai gazes admiringly at the bleeding orc in all his glory. "He's so tough... And that other one. What a silver tongue!"

Freyja Wolfsdotter looked up hearing the shout declaring the end of the battle. Wondering which one would be decreed the winner.

Mika Ravencross stops his blades at the shout, turning his back on the orc and walking out of the ring as he sheaths his blades. He says nothing as he moves back towards his chair.

Maestro Domenico Angelo looks to Jaxon inquisitively.

High Orc dives to the side opposide that which Mika had rolled, not sure as to whether the man would stop his blades in time. The orc trusted the solid steel of the back plate as much as the front, but he didn't like to take chances with siuch a formidable opponent either

Jaxon a'Rone seems to mull his decision over. It wasn't easy. In the end he gestured to his eye and nodded.

Renton Ravensong nodded a couple times as he moved up to stand next to her watching her some, because he already lost he could care less what happened with the fights at the moment. His arms crossed then as he yawned. "Oh of course, it's perfectly fine fighting is an odd thing, you hate it or you love it."

Maestro Domenico Angelo nods back and turns to the crowd. "The winner is Mika Ravencross."

Smitty applauds at the announcement, thinking to himself that it was fortunate that his bet was unmatched. Amai gasps sharply at the results and cowers a bit behind Kel's shoulder, half-expecting the orc to have an outburst the way Kurchak did.

Mika Ravencross raises a hand in salute to the Lord Regent, reaching his seat and sitting down.

Kelandros actually applauded that announcement he was almost overjoyed to hear it

Auryon Rivorn grinned faintly. So far, she'd made money off both the fights she'd come to see. Uncertain of who was next, she glanced behind her for that witch who carried the bets, she'd want her money soon.

High Orc rises to his feet and raises a brow to Maestro for a moment, but then releases a shrug and walks across the arena, extending a metal clad hand to his opponent. "ARG, mayhap I'll take ye a tad more seriously next time, after all."

Svenia shrugged lightly and nodded. "I perfer to treat the injuired after a battle. While I have fought several times, out of neccessity, I find that I neither have the stomach nor the physical ability for it."

Freyja Wolfsdotter noted the outcome on a scroll, a check mark next to a name and an amount "Well thats one I have to keep track of"

Maestro Domenico Angelo looked down at his list again. "The next match will be between Daven Knox and . . . Captain Foxcrown!"

Smitty fills his mug and leans back in his chair in anticipation of the ensuing match

Renton Ravensong grinned as he winked over to her. "Us pirates are much the same, we are more the drinkers or the lovers over the fighters. Though fighting is okay for us...I can't speak for others but I think that's how it is with me."

Barten The Unconquerable , having long finished his lamb, stepping forward a single step and bellowing, making his eight-foot frame plain, "I Object."

Ranger foxcrown stands up stripping off cloak and shirt leaving a bare chest leaving his clothing by his chair he enters the arena, walking in military lockstep he stops in the center turning to face the judges, he drops to one knee fist to heart in salute to them before raising and standing ready for his opponent to enter

[Barten The Unconquerable] Pardon, Men and others, but I must object the last bout, as well as the scoring of this combat

Smitty listens intently to the protest, wondering what the reasoning behind the objection would be

Maestro Domenico Angelo seemed confused. "You sir are not a judge in this competition. If you wished to affect the outcome, you should have entered at the appropriate time and competed."

Auryon Rivorn unable to see the healer-witch over the crowd, she leaned back against the barricade that seperated the crowd from the fighters. She raised a brow as Ranger seemed to be half stripping as he entered the ring, she'd then look direction of where Barten's voice had come from.

Ferrus Orhimmel looked over at Barten, his pose one of unguarded agitation. He turned to Freyja, "Gods above. What does this lout think he's doing, prolonging this further..." Ferrus crossed his arms, ready to return to handing out fliers after the hubub died down. Mika Ravencross raises a brow at the man voicing his objection

Svenia chcukled lightly and raised a brow towards him. "Well I wouldn't say that we are the same. I am not much of a drinker, and I wouldn't know anything about being a lover." she blushed at the last word.

Aerin Silverwin stretches in his own chair as sighs heavily. A few silvery fall out from under his drawn up hood. It was so uncomfortable sitting for so long. His foot tapped against the ground softly as he felt the unrest building up in his stomach knotting it up. He was feeling the urge to walk or wander about building up.

[Barten The Unconquerable] With all due regard, I fail to see the legitimacy of the judging being kept. Wherein is the merit of the last win?

Katsa Whiteblade turns hearing the sound of someone objecting, and looks at the rather tall individual wondering what he found wrong with the scoring of the fights

[Barten The Unconquerable] A scarred eye? Preposterous

[Maestro Domenico Angelo] "It was the only wound inflicted in the fight."

Renton Ravensong moved his hip over to the side so as to bump the elf's own. His arm coming around her shoulders. "That's a shame, I have to get your drunk sometime!"

Alex Nightraven sighs as he shakes his head

Kelandros rolled his eyes and shouted above the crowd "Hey Guards why don't ya do something usefull! either remove him or put a blade in his hand!"

[Barten The Unconquerable] How can one count first blood, when final blood counts for so much more?

Amai pulls on Kel's sleeve, keeping her eyes on the massive Barten. "Kel... He's bigger than any of them. Do you know who he is?"

Mika Ravencross stands up, spreading his arms "I fail to see where I'm bleeding from. . ."
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Aerin Silverwin 's 's hands move to hips drawing the two short swords from their sheaths. He lets his hands rest lowly behind him. With a steady pace he starts bouncing softly as he feels the momentum building for the fight. "As you also Sir.."

Mika Ravencross yawns loudly, rubbing the back of his neck "Hey, Wolf. . . Did you watch the fight?" ::Mika. . . I know, somwhere in that nap filled mind of yours, you realize I need your eyes to be open to see::

Renton Ravensong nodded. "Well, my dear priestess. We'll have to make a date sometimes, so as I don't have to chop my arms off." He would tip his hat to her and then move out past the captain, patting him on the shoulder. "Good job, can't wait to have you chase me through the streets." He would move foreward curving around the arena to the stage as he moved up onto it. Taking a seat next to that of Trega, gazing to that of combatents.

Alex Nightraven charges Aerin with a strong slash from his right hand in a downward horizontal slash

Svenia nodded and led him to an empty cot, looking at the wound in his chest and clucked her tounge. "Such extremes for play," she commented, and pressed her hand to the wound, the blue glow once again surrounding her hand, new skin forming underneath to close over the wound. Taking the cloth, she wiped away the blood. "Any other wounds?" she asked, stepping back to look at him.

Amai does a double-take on Aerin, realizing in a rushing moment that he was once a close friend of hers from many years ago. Her heart swelling with pleasant memories, she whispers to herself, "Is it really you, Aerin? Just the same as I remembered. Salamander lives."

Aerin Silverwin bounds towards the right as the charge begins and lets the slash draw down in front of him. The silvery curls flow out like a river. He moves his left arms sword hand too bash the foes sword strike down to make sure no follow comes from the sword swipe.

Freyja Wolfsdotter watched the fight with interest. Her eyes sliding to the crowd again wondering how Svenia was making out. And the mark on her wrist. She'd not felt anything from it yet. "Would be most appreciated Ferrus. That wold allow us to go to the ball more quickly and enjoy it" Looking to him with a smirk on her lips "If it were a masqued ball. Would your masque wear a masque. Or would you go without one, saying it was your masque?"

Amai 's concern for Aerin's safety soon replaces her nostalgia. Though she has no ill feelings toward Alex, the good samaritan she met in the streets, she hopes fervently her old friend will be the victor instead.

Renton Ravensong smirked as he stood up and took off in a run over to that of the audience seats. Moving through them when he wasn't being bothered by fans. He would eye around members of the audience looking for somewhere to sit. He would sigh some looking about the audience. "Hm...who should I sit by?"

Alex Nightraven moves in with his off-hand with motions to strike his midsection

Chance Winstar grins as she watched the start of the fight as the first exchange took place. She could tell this was going to be a good fight

Auryon Rivorn had noticed a few people had filtered themselves out, moving on to the ball, or the bars. She'd promptly taken up resident in the front row, away from the barricade that she'd been squished against.
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Ranger foxcrown smiles at the healer "nay that was it m'lady i appreciat your aid greatly." He fishes into a small purse near the top of one of his boots fishin out a few coins for payment offering them to her.

Aerin Silverwin right arms sword comes up into a guard and locks in with the blade aiming for his midsection. He pushes it away almost enough but feels it slice easily through the leather brown tunic is covering his upper frame. Wound opens with ease as soft red blood flows from the gash. As he does so pushes his sudden momentum into his counter pushing the blades away. An slashes out with both his own blades towards his foes legs.

Ferrus Orhimmel chuckled at Freyja's attempt at a joke. He thought it lacked taste, but he was used to people making much of his mask. "Perhaps I would wear a different one, in that case, or change my wardrobe entirely, and force you to figure out who I was. I don't imagine you would mind either way: you'd either see me or miss me completely."

Svenia shook her head, pushing the coins back at him. "Thank you kindly sir, but I do not accept payment for my healing. It is what I do, and not for gold." she smiled. "What of your opponet? Will he be stopping by as well?" she asked.

Renton Ravensong had caught Auryon in his eyes as he hopped around several people. Even over another in a leap frog manner until he was leaned up against the barricade next to the red head. "Ello' lovely...did you watch my match?" He would give her a wink and a smile.

Alex Nightraven as he's pushed back he quickly flips his off hand to a proper holding on the sword he swings both swords in an x shape parrying the blades and pushing them away

Ranger foxcrown shrugs to the healer "I doubt it, he is young and pride affects him greatly, probably moreso than any real damage i inflicted this day. Let us hope if he needs aid he will seek it elsewhere"

Aerin Silverwin bounces forward more almost like a small rabbit. His blades draw back an forth as keeps thrusting in and out with the blades trying to break through the man's guard. Soft shower of sparks flash about as the blades connect.
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Alex Nightraven begins to back up with Aerin and starts to parry and spin as he blocks each on coming attack with sword dancing.

Auryon Rivorn turned her attention away from the match at hand to regard Renton. She tilted her head and frowned, in a puzzled manor, as if trying to place him. "Oi, yer the one who turned tail and run.. Yeah, I saw that.." she gave a wink of her own, and turned her eyes back to the crowd.. "Hows your pretty little boat while you were up there?" she added, more or less ot herself.

Svenia nodded and smiled. "Let us hope, I do not like the idea of anyone wandering around wounded because of pride. But as for yourself, you should be able to continue with no pain." she told him, wiping her hands clean.

Amai gazes on, the sparks reflecting in her glossy blue eyes. "Be careful Aerin!" After a moment, she glances over to Kel to make sure he hasn't turned jealous or sour on her.
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Aerin Silverwin blades softly spark off the oppents as he steps back. He feels the air about him changing with the enrgy an feels the rushing energy coming towards him in a flurry of strikes. He keeps his calm and collective under the blades and feels his own chipping and on verge of breaking.

Maestro Domenico Angelo turns to Trega as he runs. "NO! You're not to interfear!"

Mika Ravencross pulls his sword from the ground, the blackness of the blade acting like a sheath and staying in the ground as a pure white blade is revealed. He moves behind Trega almost instantly, backing him up

Alex Nightraven with his off and he spins arround at Trega with the Elemental blade now glowing red

Jaxon a'Rone stands and shouts, "GUARRRRRDS!!!!"

Renton Ravensong sighed slightly drawing his pisotl, he would cock the hammer back as he pointed it to Alex. "It's as easy as this." He would fire the the gun. A bullet being launched out, pushing foreward to the right back of Alex. It would peirce him if he did nothing.

Chance Winstar jumps to her feet and points at Alex calling out "Hold!" her voice rippling through the air as she held a piece of rope in her other hand to try and put the man in a holding spell
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Kelandros grins and leans back in his seat "Finally somethign good, Hey Maestro shut up and let them fight

Aerin Silverwin falls towards the ground as he shudders slowly exhaling. The two swords he was wielding clatter down along the ground as mangled wreck never to be used again. His own body covered in sweat and feels his body some how wracked with exhaustion.

Ranger foxcrown leaps into the arena wiht his sword drawn as he commands his guards to surround the perimeter to contain the chaos to the arena and out of the crowd

Trega Merekid cross drew his blades as he rushed, then dove into Alex, driving his shoulder into Alex's gut. This would take him off his feet, but out of the bullet's way.

Ferrus Orhimmel sighed, resting his chin on his staff. "What a cliche thing to yell. 'Your soul will blah blah blah.' Where's the fire and brimstone? Where's the hate at?" Ferrus sighed. Bad guys ran at a premium these days, it seemed. He watched, regardless, with renewed interest: he had at least made it different, to Alex's credit.

Amai claps her hands to each side of her face. "Aerin! Hang on!!"

Mika Ravencross grabs for Alex's back as trega knocks him off balance, aiming to slam him into the ground and pin him

Alex Nightraven gets hit by Trega but goes to impail Trega with the Soul Reaver
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Renton Ravensong sighed as streached his arms into the air. "Jeez...these people...." He would holster his gun. "Their going to destroy the place. Just kill the boy and be over with it." He would adjust his hat as he crossed his arms over his chest.

Auryon Rivorn 's own pistol was drawn, and without much warning the shot was fired, she'd barely took the time to aim, the sound of the crowd engulfingi the sound of the trigger being pulled, the shot would fly towards Alex's sword, though, she had no idea, what kind of impact it may have against the blade.

Ranger foxcrown sheathes his sword quickly and rushes alex with the other two coming at him from an angle behind and to the side, he adds his weight ot restraining him

Alex Nightraven the feeling in the hall begins to thicken as the sword glows brightly "you can't stop me!"

Amai is aware of most of the crowd behind her trampling over each other in their rush to escape. She, however, won't move until she knows Aerin is safe.

Trega Merekid rolls forward as they tumble to the ground, his momentum carrying him in a flip past Alex's head. He barely rolls past the blade as it cmes around. He turned back and jumped to grab at the wrist that held the sword.

Kevin Stalman yells from his spot "the right sword!!! Remove it from his grasp!!!"

[Trega Merekid] "Don't touch it!"

Mika Ravencross slices foreward with his free hand, his Katana snaking foreward with precision to slice off Alex's hand "Sorry about this kid. . ." He still had a grip on Alex's back

User Aerin Silverwin has logged out.

User Aerin Silverwin has logged in.

Chance Winstar shoves through the crowd and made her way down to the ring seeing that her spell hadn't worked. She had to get Aerin out of there. She would move toward him to take him away from the area

User Aerin Silverwin has entered this room.
Kevin Stalman counters mika with the elemental blade to stop him

Renton Ravensong sighs again as he would pat Auryon's shoulder gently as he moved up in a walk through the scrambling crowd. His hand would rest on the shoulder of Amai. "Shouldn't you get somewhere safe, lovely?"

[Kevin Stalman] no i got it

Kelandros looked at Amai and smiled as he started to gather a faint charge at his right hand "do you mind if I?.."

Ranger foxcrown kneels down on aerin's left arm, with his right hand Ranger grabs the man's throat squeezing off the air flow aiming not to kill but to incapacitate

Kevin Stalman steps on Alex's right hand

Svenia rushed to the door of the room, trying to see what was going on as the noise escalated. She shook her head, biting her lower lip. "This will not end well."

Mika Ravencross growls and pulls his blade back, the albino metal groaning, as if alive "The hell. . ."

Auryon Rivorn grunted as the crowd seemed to charge foreward even more so as she was pressed against the baracade again. This time, however, she climbed over it, making her way towards the actual scene of the alteraction, she shrugged away from the reach of a guard.

Chance Winstar knelt down by Aerin and grabs him to pull him to his feet "Get up!" she called out to him as she tried to move him

Alex Nightraven eventially releases it as Kevin kicks it away from alex and he stops fighting and the feeling stops but the sword continues to glow

Trega Merekid stands up from the cluster. "Everybody back off. Let him up." He shifted the grip on his rapier and spoke to Alex. "Get up, boy. On your feet."

Mika Ravencross steps back and points the tip of his blade towards the sword, as if terrified of it, expecting it to attack on it's own.

Amai turns first to Kel, knowing full well what he means to do. "Kelandros, I cannot believe you would aggravate this situation." She then whirls to face Renton, a man she recognizes from a previous bout. "I can't leave yet..."

Aerin Silverwin glances at Chance slowly with hazed eyes as just nods. "I gave it a pretty good try..." He attempts to laugh as he pushes up slowly leaning on Chance for support.

Ranger foxcrown removes his hand from alex's neck stepping back some

Alex Nightraven gets up slowly completely exhausted "i took over...i couldn't"

Alex Nightraven looks around at what happened "oh gods...what have i done..."

Renton Ravensong nodded with a shrug. "Well it seems to be over..." He would smile as he took the girls hand and kissed it gently. "Renton Ravensong, at your services, my dear."

Kelandros rises to his feet and forms the ball of lighting as his smile broadens. Drawing back his arm and then snapping it forwardr as if hurling a fastball he sends the ball of lighting hurtling towards Auryon's back as she rushes the ring. "sorry red I can't let ya go ruin a good fight with that pistol of yours"

Chance Winstar holds him steady until he had his feet and then walked with him toward the edge of the ring "Can we get some help 'ere?"

Mika Ravencross growls and throws his hand out, the black blade he had left behind at his chair flying back into his hand. He pushes the white section of his Katana back into the black section. Now one would know why it was so thick. Two blades, one contained in another

Maestro Domenico Angelo shouted over the excitement. "You! You!" He points at Alex. "The use of such magic is prohibited. You're disqualified." He pointed then at Trega and Mika. "You you two interfeared in an ongoing fight. You're out as well."

Barten The Unconquerable watches the confusion with a solemn, yet content look stamped across his face, his arms still crossed

Ranger foxcrown turns to Jaxon with a questioning look. he walks closer approaching the dais. "M'lord would u have me take this man into custody?"

Mika Ravencross whrils around at Maestro, his eyes a blaze "What?! Are you out of your mind?! You yelled hold! That means the match ended. How can we interfere in a fight that's ended. Besides, what would have happened if we did nothing!"

Auryon Rivorn just as she was over, she felt somthing hit her square in the back. Her eyes widend, and her body suddenly began to shake voilently as if she were having a seizure.

Jaxon a'Rone nods. Secure his weapon and hold him for questioning.

Alex Nightraven nods understanding then looking to Jaxon "i owe you a terrible boon bringing that thing here, i wish to repay my dept for this even"
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Amai allows her hand to be taken by Renton. Glaring at Kel, she says "Now you've done it. You've surrendered your privilege to take me to the ball." Cheeks blaring red, she moves away with Renton.

Svenia ran out of the room, running towards the ring to where she saw Aerin being helped out of the arena. "What happened?" she asked, her hands already alright with the healing power.

Kelandros looks at Amai "I warned you i wasn't as nice as you believed AND I didn't aggrivate the situation I helped to remedy it"

Ranger foxcrown motions to the guards surrounding the ring he speaks brifely wiht a sergeant "Contain this man weaponless, but treat him well." With this he bows to Jaxon saluting fist to heart. He notices Auryon on the ground and moves over to see what the problem is

Renton Ravensong blinked a couple times as he turned his eyes over to that of Kel. Grinning some he would turn his eyes back to that of Amai, looking to her eyes with a smile. "In that case...would you like to go to the ball with me miss.......?" He would tilt his head to the side still not knowing her name.

Aerin Silverwin feels his body become more heavy as eyes flutter open and close. "Side... not bad.. just something happened.. energy sapped.. tired.."

Jaxon a'Rone turns away, disgusted. "This tournament is over!" He stormed from the hall, muttering something about a city full of fools and barbarians.

Auryon Rivorn remained still for a long moment, before the electricity left her body. Even then, she felt the need to remain still. She was doing a mental check of herself. and eventually, she was getting back up, a bit off balance, red hair a bit frazzled.

Renton Ravensong muttered slightly with a grin. "Aw...our pour Regent is throwing a hissy fit." He would shrug, turning his eyes back to Amai with a smile, still gazing for her response.

Kelandros bit his tongue before hurling insults as the exiting Jaxon, he couldn't help he found the idea of the ruler of the city leaving his own tournament disgracefull

Barten The Unconquerable begins to laugh heartily, his head shaking as he does so

Mika Ravencross growls and tucks his Katana back into his belt, grabbing his cloak from the ground and throwing it over his body "Ya know Trega. . . I would normally tell you how one of these days I'm going to follow you straight into death, or that you're going to do it one day jsut to screw with me. . . But I think we have something more serious to worry about."

Svenia nodded and ran her hands over his side, knitting the wound together. "I cannot do anything about your energy at the moment. I suggest that you lie down as soon as possible." she looked around to see if anyone else needed her help, seeing the red headed pirate down on the ground and rushing to her side.

Chance Winstar sets him down in a char and looks him over, indeed it was just a scratch. "What did that sword do t' ya?" she patted him on his face to try and keep him concious "Stay with me hun"

Amai is trying to take in the plethora of stimulus surrounding her, presently unable to concentrate on what Renton is saying. "I... Sorry, what was that? Gods... Is Aerin okay?"

[Alex Nightraven] ((anyone who tries to move the Elemental blade it weighs a ton for them))

Ranger foxcrown motions to the rest of the guards to maintain peace and start to clear the crowd from the arena emphasizing they be gentle wiht the people, in the already tenous situation

Kelandros made his way towards the arena's edge, leaning on a barricade and staring at Auryon before shouting at her "You dont look so good red"

Aerin Silverwin color seems to become more full as if some magical force has been lifed from his body. He takes in a deep breath as if life was returned towards his body. He glances over at Chance as hears her words. "I don't know it sapped my life it felt when blocking the strikes, but now it seems I'm ok... just the wound and loss of my swords..

Renton Ravensong smiled some and brushed some hair from her face as he gazed to her. "The man Alex...he freaked out, Aerin is fine, the Regent commanded the tornument over and is stomping off. I have also asked you, if you would be so nice as to acompany me to the ball."

Trega Merekid looked around, barely paying attention to Mika. He spotted Aury and walked over nudging her with his boot. "Get up. We have a job to do." He was unaware of the hit she'd taken.

Alex Nightraven as he's moved to the place for questioning he keeps repeating "what have i done..."
Svenia knelt by Aury, looking her over, trying to pinpoint what was wrong with her. "Miss? Are you alright?" she asked worridely.

Mika Ravencross sighs and shakes his head, pointing at Kevin "You. . . Owe me a fight and a drink."

[Kevin Stalman] you got it

Chance Winstar nods as she leans back "Glad y're alright then. Ya gave us all a bit 'f a shock"

Amai decides it best to catch up with Aerin later, when things have calmed down. Kel's attack on the pirate didn't surprise her in the least, though it didn't impress her. Her attention fixes on Renton in time to process his request. "Oh. Of course. Certainly." Her fierce blue eyes are resolute.

Auryon Rivorn grunted at Svenia, grasping at her arm to use to pull herself back to her feet. And then, Trega kicked her and she nearly struck him with an open-handed slap, but instead, she decided she'd perfer standing to being back on the floor, "Job?" she inquired, her green gaze catching Kelandros, and without knowing for certain, blamed him for her sudden...jolt.

Renton Ravensong lifted Amai's hand easily as he kissed the back of her hand easily. "Then the plesure shall be all mine. Now...what was your name again?" He would give a smile holding her hand still.

Aerin Silverwin sighs as glances at Chance. "Yeah, I'm sorry about that as well. I didn't have any plan of lossing and was sudden. End was just a lot of parrying and block, and just felt my body wane."

Mika Ravencross groans and runs a hand through his hair, looking at the blade on the ground "That. . . is a thing of evil. . . " He spits at the blade and turns his back, walking into the remaining crowd

Kevin Stalman looks at the other sword Alex used and tries to lift it but fails "what the..."

Kelandros smiled at Auryon and made a fient movement with his right had that cause small smarks to bounce across his fingers. he wanted to ensure she knew where that jolt had come from before he turned his attention to the others in the room.

Mika Ravencross waves a hand in dismissal as he watches Kevin try to lift the blade.

Svenia saw that Auryon was on her feet, and stood as well. "If you do not require my assisstance, I will leave you to your friend." she said quietly.

Ranger foxcrown looks as svenia tends to auryon, he notices Kelandros' actions out of the corner of his eye, filing it away for later as he turns his attention to the matter at hand

Amai inclines her head slightly toward Renton. "They simply call me Amai." She takes one long look around the scene before deciding she's ready to let it be. "And you're Renton, right? You fought that other pirate, Trega."

Koh was left scratching his head at the turn of events. "So what about the ball?" He mumbled, mostly to himself. Gazing around the room at the people that still remained there. What a way for a night like this to end.

Renton Ravensong nodded with a kind smile. "Yes that would be me...I'm the one that lost." He gave a shrug as crossed hisarms looking to her. "So despite the recent events you are alright, correct?"

Ferrus Orhimmel blinked as he saw Auryon's electricuted form slowly sit back up, clearly dazed. He sighed slightly. Despite her somewhat abrupt and frankly inebriated introduction to him earlier, he couldn't help a pang of sympathy. He squirrelled it away, though, fixing his eyes back on the potential list of fighters.

Kevin Stalman scoffed at the ball "i'm not much of a dancer anyways..."

Maestro Domenico Angelo addressed the room. "Ladies and gentlemen. If you would please disperse for a short time while we prepare the room for the ball. Please return in fifteen minutes."

[Kelandros] I don't feel like leaving Maestro what is option number two again?

Amai nods, hearing the Maestro's words. "Yes. I'm fine. Come back to the Inn with me. I have to get dressed anyway..."

Mika Ravencross sighs heavily and cracks his neck, shifting his cloak ontop of his shoulders "Mmmm. . . A ball?"[/color]
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PostSubject: The end.   Sun Sep 06, 2009 2:50 pm

Ok..and thats allI have recorded. There were some events afterwards, which will be added in at a later date. Enjoy. Comment.
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PostSubject: Woo!   Sun Sep 06, 2009 6:27 pm

It was so fun. Almost too epic.
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The end kinda threw me off, but it was wicked fun either way.
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The Ceremony & Tournment
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