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 Business . . .

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Trega Merekid


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PostSubject: Business . . .   Mon Aug 08, 2011 12:49 am

Trega walked down the pier and headed straight up the ramp of the Avenger. There on the deck he walked up to the ship's captain, Beli Sharaz. Beli was a pretty young woman with bright eyes and the most playful grin on her face. She was happy to see Trega and quickly moved to give him a greeting hug.
"How did everything go?" Trega asked her, masking concern for her safety under an 'all business' demeanor.
"It was just like you said." She replied. "We had them well out gunned and it didn't take long to get a surrender. Inside we found what you were looking for. The crates are down in the hold if you want to see them."
Trega nodded and the two of them headed belowdecks. Down in the hold of the ship, Beli took Trega to where they were storing their take from their last raid. Trega walked among stacks and stacks of crates all tied down in place to prevent shifting, and all marked with the same symbol.
"So what did we pick up?" Beli asked.
"I'm not sure." Trega mused. "It was worth it for someone else to steal it, so I figured what the hell?"
Beli blinked and gave her head a slight shake. "You mean you had us just raid a ship without knowing what the cargo was? That's unlike you." She was clearly confused.
"I know." Trega admitted. "You see these markings?" he pointed to a logo on the side of a crate, a logo that could be found on all the crates. "It's the symbol of the Banyard Co. I was yapped at by 'Mr. Banyard himself' the other day about a missing shipment he assumed I'd stolen. I was just curious what it was that was so important to him that he'd have the nerve to get in my face like that. So I figured I'd steal it . . . from whoever stole it."
"Ah." Beli responded simply.
With a shrug, Trega reached over to the bulkhead and grabbed a crowbar that hung there. He jammed the crowbar under the lid of one of the crates and pried it open . . .
"Let's see what was so important . . ."
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Business . . .
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