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 Nadja Shadowheart - The Shadow of Death

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Nadja, Shadow of Death


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Character Name:: Nadja Shadowheart
Race: Shadow
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PostSubject: Nadja Shadowheart - The Shadow of Death   Fri Jul 01, 2011 7:29 pm

Nadja Shadowheart (Pronounced Nod-ee-ya)

Race: Shadow

Apparent age: 19

Gender: Female

Weapons: Darkness Magic(NOT NETHERMANCY), she uses this magic to create daggers and knives that she pulls out of her hand, or whatever other part of her body she can easily get to at the needed moment. She is a very talented hand to hand fighter, but tends to use dirty tricks.

Special Abilities: Nadja has an innate ability to heal herself using shadows, though when in sunlight, or really any bright lights, her flesh tends to burn, and she gets sick. The sickness can last as long as a few moments to a few days depending on the length of her being in the light and the type of light it is.

History: The beautiful and psychotic Nadja Shadowheart was born in the Shadow Realm, to Nesirae Shadowheart and an Sinab Shadowheart. She had four siblings, 1 twin a male named Honor, and a set of triplets that she didn't whom live with Yoya DuSang; Katon, Kage, and Akutenshi. She was very talented in Shadow Magic much more so then any shadow that had been there before her. She was known as the darkest darkness and was believed to have to hold a piece of the Primordial Darkness himself, Erebus. Her father left her and her brother, because he was summoned away. Nadja became a high priestess to Erebus without her father or brother's knowledge. The visions and abilities that this gave her drove her insane, but she continued to devote her life to Erebus, until the day her brother left out of frustration of her insanity without reason, leaving her completely and utterly alone with her own craziness. After a few weeks of being on her ow she left the Shadow Realm to find her faher. This did not take her long and within a few days she found her father living in the ruins outside the place known as Eldarus.

Physical Description: Standing at about 5'3" and 110 pounds, her short hair is black on top and white on the bottom. She has a nearly unnoticeable scar on her left cheek. Her eyes though seem to be the most interesting part of her beautiful face, and beautiful it is, her left eye is a deep rich crimson, splattered with the most delicate shade of lavender, her right eye is the color of raw amethyst with a blood red pentagram in place of a pupil. She has a form fitting, skin tight, thigh length, straight jacket type dress that adorns her small frame. If she were to take off her dress, she would be in a pair of tight brown leather shorts, and a black shirt that is open in the back and front while not being revealing. Covering her back and front, also are an almost uncountable multitude of scars that just seem to give the feeling of painful light.

Personality: Nadja seems to be a warm and caring girl, yet those who know her very well, know this is a lie. She is actually a very cold, manipulative girl. Though where she is a liar, and is very manipulative she is also brutally honest to those that she cares about, with little thought toward finnesse or emotional pain. She is a sadist by nature, and if you look closely into her eyes you can see this.

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Nadja Shadowheart - The Shadow of Death
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