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 The Mother Goddess Mialynn

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Mika Ravencross


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PostSubject: The Mother Goddess Mialynn   Fri Jun 17, 2011 1:53 am

Those who wish to follow the path of light more often than not discover this beautiful deity. Like a fire burning bright in darkness, Mother Mialynn is a Goddess of the Sun, who's power over her domain's is unequaled. Here is a brief synopsis on her

Deity: Mother Mialynn- Sun Goddess

Prayers: "May Mother watch over you" 'In life, Mother gives us light." "In death, our light returns to Mother"

Domains: Air, Death, Good, Healing, Knowledge, Magic, Sun

Favored Weapon: Long Sword

Description: A beautiful woman with tan skin. Her eyes are the color of bright blue crystal, her hair a shade of red like that of burning fire.

Church Colors: Crimson, Gold, and White

Voice on the Planet: The Herald of the Goddess

Ranking System

Divine Ranking
Knight Commander
Knight Captain
Knight Paladin
Knight Cleric

Arcane Ranking
Herald of the Goddess
High Acolyte

Other Ranking
Chosen Sons and Daughters of the Goddess

(For more information on The Goddess talk to Richard Donoma IC)
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The Mother Goddess Mialynn
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