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 An Evening at the Forge (Play by Play post for everyone!)

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Mika Ravencross


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PostSubject: An Evening at the Forge (Play by Play post for everyone!)   Thu Jun 16, 2011 3:27 pm

The Obsidian Glass windows of the Forge were glowing that afternoon, and though light shone out from them it did not allow any to come inside. It was a rare sight to see, the fires of the forge burning during the day, and a few men and women of the city found themselves going inside to see what the strange Blacksmith was doing. As they approached the forge they would see a sign posted just outside, a flyer of sorts. It read

Come one come all! Available for free for a limited time only, Ravencross's very own mystical magial living weapons! Will the blade crumble to dust, or choose you to be its master! Entry Fee is 3 silver. The Games begin at Dusk

Word quickly spread through the city of the spectacle going on, and soon a large crowd was gathered outside of the forge, dropping their silver in the box placed beside the flyer. Finally dusk came and the doors to the forge opened wide, the massive vampire making his way out of the building with a large table. He sets it up outside of the forge and sets down a small lump of bright silver metal. The people around him back up in wonder, but a few in fear. They had heard of the mysterious Blacksmith who only came out at night. Many of the adventurers in the town told stories of him, and some said that he might possibly be a vampire!

Mika was wearing his normal blacksmith clothing, a plain cotton shirt and brown pants covered by a large leather apron. He cleared his throat and addressed the crowd

"Behold! The Living Metal of Legend! Only given to the most worthy of fighters, it will instantly form to the weapon most suited for you, however! If you are not worthy, it will crumble at the first object it touches! I have here plenty of Living metal, but because of it's strange powers I can not sell it. . . However I can offer it to you! Two Silver! That's all it takes! Come one come all! Will you walk away with an incredible blade, or a few coins short that matter not?"
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An Evening at the Forge (Play by Play post for everyone!)
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