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 Nesirae, He who whispers in the darkness.

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PostSubject: Nesirae, He who whispers in the darkness.   Tue May 24, 2011 4:14 am

Name: Nesirae Shadowheart

Race: Shadow Parasite

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Weapons: Uses Nethermancy, and Necromancy. Nethermancy, shadow magic, he uses to create illusions, and create his melee weapon of choice, a scimitar, or a spear. He's a capable fighter at hand to hand.

Special Abilities: He has the ability to meld into any shadow, natural or magical, as well as walk between shadows. He can use Nethermancy in anyway he seems fit. However, he has two main weaknesses; the first being he can not tolerate sunlight, or any bright light. The second being he can only sustain himself on this plane via parasitic bond with a humanoid creature.

Physical Description: Standing there is a darkly handsome, ebony skinned man nearly seven feet tall. His features include sharply pointed ears, a flat plane where there should be a mouth, and piercing eyes. His left eye is the color of raw amethyst, while his right is that of garnet. His lean muscled torso is carved with deep arcane runes and swirls, these follow down his arm to his left hand, and glow with a sickly green light. His shaggy unkempt white hair is tied in a messy topknot at the back of his skull. He wears dark leather hakama. Hanging from his thick black rope belt are some hooks, and bones. On his right hand is a blood red steel gauntlet that looks ancient.

Magic items: On his right hand is a red steel gauntlet, this gauntlet allows him to tap into the blood of his host to fuel himself. With this gauntlet he feeds off his host while granting a boon to his host at the same time. The boon is chosen by him, and can be a number of things.

Personality: He is cold, cautious and full of contempt for almost everything. He exists to end others. He takes joy in the acts of causing dissent, and chaos among other races. He is a trickster and whispers deceit and falsehoods to get what he wishes. This is not to say he is a heartless creature, he has a tender spot for those who are broken.
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Nesirae, He who whispers in the darkness.
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