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 Concerning the Market Square RP from 5/11/2011

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Alexander Dravenforth


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PostSubject: Concerning the Market Square RP from 5/11/2011   Fri May 13, 2011 2:48 am

After reviewing the logs and interviewing parties involved, we have come to the conclusion that while the NPC portrayed in the role play was incredibly overpowered, it does not warrant a permanent or temporary Character Ban. We would, however, like to make a few points.

1. Eldarus is primarily comprised of Good Aligned characters. If you wish to play an evil character, that's perfectly alright. However, do not be upset when people bring judgement for an evil act.

2. It was made mention that the 'power structure' of Eldarus is unbalanced and corrupt. Certain players were pointed out to be more powerful than others. Every character is monitored through our Log System, and reviewed at creation. If an Admin deems the character playable and fair (This includes power downs or special rules that apply to characters) then it is approved. However, if the character is taken advantage of and breaks the rules that have been set, the problem will be corrected. An 'All Powerful Character' is never really all powerful.

3. While we do appreciate the speed at which our players reacted to informing a moderator (Who then informed an admin) we ask that you leave all comments to the Private Rooms and Private messages. This isn't so much that we don't want you slinging mud in the OOC, but rather it only leads to more stress between players. This goes for all parties, not just to one side.

4. Please let's all remember that as intricate and detailed as we make Eldarus, it's primary focus is for us to all have fun. It is a game for enjoyment. Because there are so many people someone is bound to agitate someone else. The event that occurred on wednesday was blown out of proportion in some points. We understand that it can sometimes become frustrating, but anger and quick judgement only leads to more problems.

This does not mean we are ignoring the situation. As you read this, we Admin's are coming up with a solution to future problems such as these. Being implemented immediately is a three strike policy which will be followed up on by our glorious leader Auryon. As far as the Admin's are concerned, the matter of the Market Square RP is no longer an issue. Thank you for your patience on this verdict. If you have any complaints you may email me at
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Concerning the Market Square RP from 5/11/2011
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